The Ten Best Breast Pumps for 2021

Science has spoken and the benefits of breastfeeding are now indisputable. Breast milk provides the very best nutrition for newborns and mothers and encouraged to feed their babies with breastmilk exclusively for the first six months of their life, and then to continue supplementing with it for many months/years to come. But for working mothers or those with trouble establishing a solid milk supply, it can be a stress understanding how best to deliver their babies that precious milk when they can’t always be there to nurse themselves.

A good breast pump is one of the most important postpartum essentials money can buy. With a wide variety of features, the selection of a perfect breast pump is based on what function the nursing mother requires. Some pumps are designed to be used multiple times a day while others are ideal for only occasional use. Whatever your needs may be, the right pump is available for purchase and in some instances the purchase may be subsidized by your insurance.

Deciding on the right pump is a key to long-term breastfeeding success. Whatever a mother’s priority and working situation might entail while she is nursing, the perfect pump is included in this list. The following list explains the functions and benefits of ten breast pumps to help mothers make the most informed purchase possible.


Ten Best Breast Pumps Reviewed

1. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

This personal pumping kit is an ideal choice for a mom who needs to return to the workplace while still nursing or a stay-at-home mom who is trying to increase her milk supply. Designed for moms who would like to pump several times a day, the packaging for this double-pump is very smart.

The tote-backpack contains a pump with an integrated motor unit that can be used with an AC adaptor or included battery pack. Also included are an insulated cooler bag and 5 ounce breast milk bottles for storage. This pump is not hospital grade but is extremely effective and convenient for moms on the go.




2. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

This double-pump system has three expression settings which help stimulate milk flow after starting in a gentle position. With a soft, massaging cushion, pumping does not need to be such a chore. Designed to work while you are sitting back comfortably instead of leaning forward, the massaging petals also help simulate your baby’s natural suckling pattern.

The convenience of this pumping unit is commendable, with components that can be easily pumped into and then used shortly after by baby or stored for future use. The natural bottle that is included comes with a Philips AVENT tested nipple for easier bottle to breast transition.



3. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

This lightweight, inexpensive and simple to use manual breast pump is ideal for occasional time away from your baby. Compatible with other Medela elements but certainly the most basic of their designs, this manual pump is BPA free and may help moms pump a bottle for when they need to take a little break or would like someone else to feed the baby.

The handheld motion pumps from one breast at a time and is surprisingly effective thanks to Medela’s two step expression technology. It’s also quiet which makes it easy to use in baby’s nursery or while traveling. It may be an good choice to buy before investing in a more expensive pump since all the elements are also able to be used with other Medela pumps.




4. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The freestyle breast pump from Medela allows for hands free pumping which may be easier for moms working in offices that need to pump several times a day while still attending to other work. It’s powerful and effective despite its compact lightweight size. With an AV unit for rooms where you can plug in and a three-hour rechargeable battery, you can pump in places you never thought to pump before, like on your commute home. It also has a backlit digital display for nighttime pumping sessions.

This fully stocked kit comes with all the great and interchangeable Medela elements and ample room for carrying breast milk bottles. There are several options for nursing bras that will help the freestyle function without tying up your hands.




5. Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump

This super-quiet double electric pump allows for discreet pumping that is exceptionally gentle with soft silicone cushions. It is designed to be compatible with the Medela pump in style parts and Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottles.

With proper cleaning after each use, this pump is extremely effective and comfortable for nursing mothers without being prohibitively expensive. It uses modes of stimulation to help create a strong milk supply. Bellema has a dedicated research and development team of lactation experts to provide their customers with an extremely functional breast pump.




6. Spectra Baby USA Double/Single Breast Pump

The Spectra USA Double/Single pump is a fantastic choice for your nursery. It’s aesthetic design is simple and pleasant looking enough to fit right into your nursery decor. However it’s easily transportable with a rechargeable battery that allows you to travel with the pump. Choose from pumping one breast at a time to the double pump mode to help build up your milk supply. A built in night light makes pumping when baby is asleep much easier.

All Spectra pumps operate with a closed system, meaning there is a physical barrier between the milk and the pump. This closed system makes this pump useful as a hospital grade pump as well since it can be used with multiple mothers after proper cleaning of the hoses. Digital controls allow you to move between modes that are designed to stimulate milk let down and then a deeper and slower pattern of expression that mimics your baby nursing.




7. The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump Y4947

The Breastflow Memory Pump is one of the only pumps on the market that allows you to track and save your milk volume produced for up to ten sessions. This can be a particularly useful feature for mothers of premature babies or twins. Track important information such as the time and duration of pumping sessions and also the suction and speed. This might help to determine exactly what speed and pumping frequency produces the most breast milk. Pump directly into two different types of bottles and transport the breast milk in the included cooler bag.

This pump is able to be used as a single or double pump is completely BPA free. The flexi fit shields are comfortable and fit any breast size, while the rest of the flanges and tubing are easily to clean.




8. Medela Symphony Breast Pump

One of the top choices in hospitals for postpartum mothers, the Medela Symphony is a deluxe professional-grade breast pump designed for daily use by multiple nursing mothers. Incredibly powerful and also incredibly quiet, the Medela two-phase expression technology paired and unique overflow protection make this an extremely effective tool at building up milk supply or stockpiling breast milk for the future.

The Symphony’s maximum comfort vacuum is proven to achieve faster milk ejection and milk flow, leaving you more time to spend with your baby and less time hooked up to a pump. It has a rechargeable battery for easy transport between rooms and operates on a closed system making it appropriate to hand down should you decide to purchase one. It’s a more deluxe model than most and that is reflected in the price. However with a doctor’s order many insurance companies should cover the cost, and most hospitals will also rent pumps for a period of time to postpartum mothers.



9. Bellema Mango Portable Single Electric Breast Pump

Simplicity and technology are combined in this small yet effective single electric breast pump from Bellema. An extremely good choice for a mom that needs to travel away from a power outlet, this portable pump is operated by four AA batteries and has an adjustable vacuum power that goes up to 320 mbar. Two-phase pumping allows your milk to naturally let down before more intense suctioning that mimics your baby’s nursing fills the attachable bottle.

Compatible with a variety of Philips AVENT bottles, including wide-neck bottles, this pump also includes a bottle adapter for use with other popular bottles like Dr. Brown’s. The closed system prevents back-flow and is easy to clean. Unique to a single use pump is the memory feature that can recall your preferred pumping settings for. It’s an excellent value for the money.




10. Kinyo FDA Dual-Core Bilateral Breast Pump

The Kinyo double pump has a unique design that sets it apart from many standard breast pumps. Easy to use on one side or both, it operates from either a standard wall outlet or with batteries. The LCD display screen provides you some insight on the suction conditions which may help you improve your positioning and milk output during a pumping session.

Most impressive about this Kinyo pump is how silent it is while functioning. It is perfect for use at an office or even in baby’s nursery at night. It’s a great option for a mom who does not need to pump several times a day but still wants to build up a good milk supply and stockpile some extra milk.