Ten Best Metatarsal Pads – Reviews & Guide For 2023

Metatarsal refers to the bones found between your toes and ankles. On some occasions, you may find the in sole of your foot experiencing some pain, especially when you exert pressure on the foot. This condition is referred to as metatarsalgia, and the condition was the reasoning behind our best metatarsal pads review post. Metatarsalgia is common with shoes that have:

  • High heels
  • Pointed toe boxes
  • Built-in toe spiral

As a solution to the problem, metatarsal pads have been designed for placement on the affected area to relieve pressure. When the pad is placed correctly under the foot, it is capable of supporting the metatarsal bones.

Now that we have highlighted the basic facts about metatarsal pads, let us check out some of the factors that you might need to consider when buying a pair and why you need one. First, let us check out some of the top ten best metatarsal pads in the market.


Ten Best Metatarsal Pads Reviews

Dr. Jill’s Felt Metatarsal Pads 1/4 (10 Pieces)

These pieces of met pads come with a wide ball to help cover your entire foot ball for increased pressure elevation. With Dr. Jill’s Felt Metatarsal Pads, you are sure that your foot will stay in place even when wearing heels. This is because they are sticky and comfortable enough such that you do not slide forward as you walk. It will fit comfortably on your feet and keep the balls protected so you do not feel pain if pressure is exerted on them.

The back of each met pad is self-adhesive, implying that it does not keep shifting from place as you wear them. You can also run in these pads and not worry about them coming off. If the pads do not fit your narrow or small feet, you can trim them. All the 10 pieces are 1/4 inch thick premium felt, which guarantees their durability. They are also 2.25 inches at their widest and 2.75 inches in length.


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MARS Wellness Metatarsal Felt Foot Pad Skived Cut

Get yourself 6 pairs of these 1/4 inch thick MARS Wellness Metatarsal pads. They are self-adhesive, ensuring that you do not have to worry about them shifting as you walk or run. They are a great choice for people with neuromas since they help to eliminate the foot pain that comes with this condition. For maximum comfort, you should ensure that you place the foot pads between your second and third metatarsals. This way, you will be sure to alleviate all the pressure exerted around your foot ball.

The pads are 2.25 inches wide and 2.75 inches in length. When using the foot pads, you can place them under your insoles, on them, or in them. They are doctor recommended due to their efficiency in relieving pain caused by neuromas, calluses, IPks, or Painful scars. The met pads can also be reused.


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Metatarsal Pads for Women & Men By DEBRIEF ME ™ (1 Pair) Foot Pads for Ball of Feet

The PedPal Kit Gel Foot Pain Relief Cushion Shoe Pads might be the best brand of met pads you will find in the market. These met pads are of great quality so you are guaranteed that the foot ball pain will be gone once you start using them. You can use them with any pair of shoes and be assured of continued comfort. If you have metatarsalgia or your metatarsals have dropped, you can make great use of these foot pads. They will also come in handy in minimizing toe overextension.

They will also help your forefoot fat get back to the proper position, providing enough support to the metatarsals. The pads come with 2 forefoot gels so you can use them effectively on both feet. The gel is also of superior quality, implying that its adhesion will last longer. This will reduce the chances of the pads shifting about in your shoe.


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CHOLJ Metatarsal Pads Morton’s Neuroma Pads Gel Ball of Foot Pads Forefoot Pads Pain Relief Sore Absorber Cushion Insole for Men and Women-1 pair

With this brand, you get two pieces of met pads that come with an absorber cushion insole for enhanced comfort. The sleeve of each pad is thin, elastic, and breathable. The gel used on them is medical grade to keep your feet moisturized and soft while providing adequate cushioning as well as padding for the foot ball. The forefoot pads ensure that the met pads stay in place when you are wearing them. This means that you will not have to deal with your foot sliding forward or the pad shifting.

The cushioning also absorbs shock, relieving you of the pressure that comes with various foot conditions like calluses. The met pads also feature 2 toe loops that make them non-slip. The fabric used is of superior quality and the stitching is double seam for durability. To maintain their efficiency, you will have to hand wash them with soap in cold water before air drying them. If your feet sweat profusely, you should put some baby powder on the sleeves to absorb the moisture and ensure you do not get a sticky feeling.


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Healing Rights™ Ball of foot pads for high heels, Metatarsal Pads for Women

Healing Rights met pads are available in 6 pieces, and they come in the same size that fits all users. Their design features the best cushioning, which makes them ideal for all types of shoes, even high heels. The pads also come with a ridge that gives them an anti-slippery grip on your feet or shoes. The pads’ designer targeted women with their features and ensured that they will work magic in alleviating all forms of foot pain. The foot pads are also ideal for relieving pressure around your toe area as well as metatarsals.

Even the most sensitive foot tissues will be protected since the pads’ cushions absorb all the pressure as you walk in your favorite heels. Their effectiveness and rapidity comes in handy in allowing women with foot conditions to stay stylish and trendy. The pads are thick enough to provide comfort to your feet and thin enough to stay invisible in your shoes.


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Ballotte Breathable Metatarsal Pads (2Pairs)

Are you in search of foot pain relief cushions that will get rid of the discomfort caused by different feet conditions? If you are, the Ballotte Breathable Mat Pads provide air circulation and protect forefoot feet cushion callus blisters for men and women. The material used is soft and the cushioning sufficiently thick for optimum support and comfort of your feet. You can wear these met pads anytime and with any pair of shoes. The shell used is hard enough for durability and soft enough for your feet.

The gel pads also have holes that keep them breathable, ensuring that your feet do not overheat. Overheating would cause sweating and discomfort while walking, standing, running etc. The pads’ gel sleeves are super stretchy and made from soft medical silicone that ensures to relieve all the shock from your painful feet. The foot pads are also anti-slip.


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Dr. Eagle Foot Care Medical Gel Forefoot Ball of Foot Cushions Shoe Insoles Metatarsal Pads

These women shoe inserts for foot pain relief come in 2 pairs, implying that every purchase gives you 4 pieces from Dr. Eagle foot care. The gel foot pads are extremely soft to provide adequate support to your foot balls and metatarsals.

They also relieve pressure from your toes while providing enough comfort to the sensitive or injured foot tissues. What’s more, the pads will serve you for a long time since you can wash and reuse them. The met pads will help you manage various foot conditions that could cause a discomfort, especially when walking in high heels. They give women a chance to buy classy heels that make them feel good and beautiful.


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Metatarsal Pads Designed by BRISON

These soft gel foot cushions are reusable, making them long lasting. They are made from original silicone, which provides maximum protection. With the high quality material, they are able to relieve pain from forefoot bunion, mortons, neuroma, and calluses blisters for women. The pads are the best solution for women who like wearing high heels, hiking, running, or spending most of their day walking and standing.

The cushioning featured is excellent and the silicone gel used is eco-friendly. They come with an ergonomic design that makes them anti-slip, and they do not emit a bad odor even after several uses. They are perfect at reducing pressure on your toes and relieving pain as you walk.


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PERFECT POSTURE: Metatarsal Pads, #1 Recommended Hapad Ball of Foot

This brand might be the perfect met pads for your feet condition since it features great forefoot cushioning that ensures continued comfort. The pads are made from silicone gel that gives arch pedag support and provides pain relief. They are ideal for both women and men. They also contain a premium cushioning material that makes them comfortable and durable.

The foot pads are adjustable depending on your foot size to provide a great fit with a perfect grip. This makes sure that your feet do not slip forward as you walk in shoes fitted with the met pads. The pads are doctor approved since they offer immediate pain relief, eliminate pressure points, give instant soothing to your feet, take your foot pains away, provide superior comfort, and increase blood flow to the lower extremities. Their design also features cooltec gel technology, one of the latest innovations in the industry. This enhances their durability, support, comfort, and flexibility.


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Dr.Acmer Original Metatarsal Pads

Dr. Acmer provides 2 pairs of gel pad ball of foot cushions that are bound to provide rapid foot pain relief. The cushioning featured keeps your feet protected against conditions like calluses, blisters, plantar fasciitis etc. The material used is soft, allowing the pads to sooth your feet even after long hours of walking or standing. They are ideal for all people because they come in one size that fits all users. However, they are a perfect choice for sportspersons like tennis players, ballet dancers, and hikers who wear socks. This is because they fit better if worn with socks and will not shift causing discomforts.

The pads’ design ensures that they provide instant pressure and pain relief for your feet. With the pads, you can stay comfortable throughout the day! They are also nonslip and long lasting since you can wash and reuse them.


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Buying Guide for the Best Metatarsal Pads

Since you will find numerous metatarsal pads in the market, you should be able to identify unique and useful qualities of each brand in order to find and buy the best metatarsal pads for you.

Why You Need Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsalgia can result into serious pain that makes walking, standing, sitting and doing literally anything impossible. This uncomfortable condition demands the use of metatarsal pads to:

  • Help realign your metatarsal heads.
  • Allow you to change your shoes to flat shoes or high heeled shoes comfortably.
  • Keep the cross arch of your feet aligned.
  • Keep the extended toes leveled.
  • Get your feet configured to the right (natural) shape.
  • Ensure that the top feet tissues are made longer.
  • Exert your whole body weight on the feet ball.

For guaranteed comfort and pain relief, be sure to wear your met pad correctly. This will help you enjoy long-lasting benefits from them.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Metatarsal Pads

  • Resistance to odor: Metatarsal pads are meant to be worn in shoes that are closed on most instances. You, therefore, should opt for the type that will neither absorb your sweat nor attract any bad odor.
  • Material: Metatarsal pads are made from a variety of materials ranging from wool to polyester, silicone, latex/leather, and open-cell polyurethane foam. The firmness, resilience, durability, and softness of the met pads you choose will depend on the material used to make them.
  • Price: Different met pads are available at varying prices. As such, you will need to define your budget limit while searching for the best brands.
  • Adhesiveness: The best met pads are strongly adhesive to ensure that they stay stuck to your shoes throughout the wearing period.
  • Type: When shopping for a pair of met pads, you should consider the type you want; self-adhesive, athletic, pure gel, or sleeve.