Ten Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse Reviews & 2023 Guide

Backyard gardeners are on the rise. With an increased focus on local and naturally-grown fruits and veggies, it’s clear why so many people are turning to their own yards to source the food they need. Erratic weather patterns and non ideal growing climates are pushing other gardeners to consider investing in the best polycarbonate greenhouse. Both of these factors have led to a larger market for greenhouses, and with them, the rise of the poly-carbonate greenhouse!

Polycarbonate greenhouses provide a great balance between cost and longevity. UV-treated polycarbonate is durable, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive, with plenty of thicknesses to choose from. It offers more insulation than glass, and averages about a 15-year lifespan, though the panels themselves can be swapped out easily if they get damaged or warped. They’re a flexible, pocket-friendly way to have a bit more control over your garden.

More importantly, though, they offer a world of security and peace of mind for your plants.


Tips for Choosing the Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse for You


It’s vital your plants get a good air-flow year-round. But vents do more than circulate air; they manage temperatures during hot summer months. Overheating is a serious threat to plants! Keeping the door open for intake is recommended. If you’re not going to be home all the time, look for ceiling vents that open when certain light or temperature requirements are hit.


Polycarbonate is naturally insulating, but if you’re in a colder climate, you’ll need a bit of an extra boost. 4mm is about the thinnest you can get, and allows for the most heat transfer. Going thicker might be the best solution some of the time, but oftentimes the best option is to go for a twin-walled, or double layered, sheet. The extra air padding between panels makes a world of difference.

Diffused or clear?

Not all greenhouses list this, but it’s an important quality to look for. Clear light coming through the polycarbonate is great for seedlings, but it’ll scorch a lot of plants, especially in a greenhouse. Diffused light provides a more even heating and avoids hot-spots, and distributes light better, which will reduce the competition between your plants. Pro tip: If it’s twin-walled, it’s diffused light; clear light can’t get through that extra layer of air.


We know, we know, it’s obvious – but keep in mind that greenhouses need to be anchored. Whether you’re pouring concrete, creating a timber base, or just staking it deep into the ground, make sure you’re getting a greenhouse that will fit your area best, base and all.


Another one that should be obvious, but keep in mind that this factors into a lot of decisions. The weight of a greenhouse says a lot about the sturdiness of the frame and how long it’ll last. If you’re assembling it yourself or managing the delivery yourself, however, a lighter greenhouse is the best way to go. Be sure to weigh the benefits and risks, and always make sure to anchor what you put down.


Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse Reviews

Ogrow OGAL-466 Aluminium Greenhouse

One of the smaller options on our list, this greenhouse features 4mm thick, UV-resistant walls and a 0.8mm thick aluminum frame. It’s 4’x6’ in size, with about a 6.5’ height at its tallest. That 24 square foot growing area is easily accessible with the single sliding door in the front, which measures 65”x24”.

While this greenhouse doesn’t include shelving, it does have an incorporated rain gutter to allow for capturing and efficiently using rainwater. The manufacturer states that it’s able to maintain an even temperature between -13°F and 140°F as well, a process aided in warmer weather by the two roof vents. It ships easily at only 50 pounds; however, it’s strongly recommended that you anchor it firmly into the ground. The manufacturer recommends a treated timber base.


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Palm Springs Greenhouse

This square greenhouse is a comfortable 6’x6’, with 6.5’ of height in which to grow taller plants. Its aluminum frame is held up by a galvanized steel base, while its UV-treated walls are a hollow 4mm thick. The roof vent and sliding door allow for plenty of air flow to all of the plants within.

An integrated rain gutter allows for capture and collection, and the greenhouse itself boasts being able to withstand a temperature range from -13° to 140°F. While it doesn’t include shelves, it’s built to stand up to 27 mph winds when anchored correctly, and it can bear up to 8 lbs/sq. ft. of snow. Its weight of 64 pounds makes its delivery and assembly more manageable than some of its counterparts.


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Sunjoy Greenhouse

The Sunjoy greenhouse is an open floor, comfortable 6’x8’, with a 7.5’ height allowance. Its aluminum frame is rugged with a powder-coated finish to help prevent rusting, and its panels are a durable, heavy-duty, and insulated 6mm thick. The double sliding doors allow for easy access to the growing area and easy transport of larger plants and pots.

While it doesn’t include shelves, the Sunjoy greenhouse does have a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. More than that, however, it weighs a solid 105 pounds, promising a sturdy and long-lasting addition to your home.


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Ogrow 25 sq.ft. Aluminum Lean-To Greenhouse

Don’t let its shape fool you – this greenhouse is a surprisingly spacious 6’x4’, with a 7’ height clearance at its highest point and a 4.5’ height at its lowest. UV-resistant and shockproof both, the 4mm walls maintain an even temperature between -13° and 140° C. The 0.8mm thick aluminum frame and reinforced steel base plinth provide solid support.

While it does not include shelves, the single sliding door and roof vent offer constant air flow to the plants inside, and the incorporated rain gutter lets you capture and use rainwater more efficiently. Weighing 59 pounds, the greenhouse is lightweight for its size, for a more manageable assembly.


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Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse

This Palram greenhouse is a spacious 8’x16’, with 6.8’ of head room. Its 4mm walls and ceiling are single-layered, and provide clear light while offering 100% UV protection. Over 90% of the light outside will make it directly to your plants in this 132 square foot growing space. The aluminum frame provides lightweight support, while the galvanized steel base keeps your greenhouse steady and durable.

Not only does this greenhouse have double doors, it also has three adjustable roof vents, rain gutters, and a lockable door handle for extra security. While it doesn’t come with shelves, it does come with a 5-year limited warranty, so you can rest easy. It also has snap-together supports, making for a much easier setup.

Anchored and leveled correctly, this greenhouse can withstand up to 47 mph winds and a snow load of 15 lbs/sq ft. As one of the only greenhouses we reviewed to have a company-backed wind and snow load, as well as a warranty, we strongly recommend this product for anyone living in higher-wind or snowy areas.


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STC Easy Grow Greenhouse

At a roomy 6’x12’, the STC Easy Grow greenhouse has 7.5’ of head clearance at its highest point – perfect for taller gardeners. Its 4mm twin walls and opaque roof offer diffused light for mature plants, and that extra insulation for cooler temperatures is offset by both a side vent and an easy-open roof vent for hot summer days. The frame is made from heavy-gauge, extruded, powder-coated aluminum to provide stability and prevent rust.

The greenhouse comes fully shelved, and the only thing more exciting than that is its “push & click” connector system, which means easy assembly for you and a quicker home for your plants. It weighs a manageable 88 pounds, which makes for a less stressful assembly and, so long as it’s anchored correctly, a sturdy greenhouse.


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Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

The Palram hybrid greenhouse is a great option for its size. At 6’x8’, it offers plenty of growing room, and it boasts a 6.5’ high clearance at its highest point. Its twin-walled 4mm roof panels provide up to 99.9% UV protection and diffused light better suited to adult plants. The polycarbonate side panels allow 90% of light in while maintaining plenty of insulation for cooler months.

The lightweight aluminum frame is countered by a galvanized steel base for extra strength and support. While it doesn’t come with shelves, the greenhouse boasts many features, including an adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, and ten polypropylene plant hangers for vine crops or hanging baskets, which can be re-purposed to install an interior shade cloth. It has a single door with a lockable handle and magnetic door catch, for easy access and peace of mind.

Its weight of 89 pounds means it’s a manageable assembly, and the greenhouse comes with a 5 year limited warranty and US-based customer support.


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Exaco RIGA XL Greenhouse

This behemoth of a greenhouse is 10’x19.8’, an investment for serious growers. With 6’ of height, it will fit a large assortment of plants while allowing for easy access of the roof. Its thick aluminum supports are supplemented with a reinforced steel base, but the true strength of this Exacro greenhouse is in its impressive, 16mm twin walls. Expect a well-insulated greenhouse able to retain the heat it collects in the winter!

The 283 square foot growing space is easy accessed with the four large, dutch barn-style doors. Don’t worry about ventilation, either – the four large roof windows include four automatic openers, so that even if you’re away, you don’t need to worry about your plants. While shelves aren’t included, be sure to take advantage of the installation they offer – at a hefty 800 pounds, this definitely isn’t a solo project.


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Climapod 7×12 6-MM Twin-wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This Climapod twin wall greenhouse is 7’x12’, offering plenty of room for an avid grower. With 6mm twin walls and roof, the panes are both durable and well-insulated. They also provide 100% UV protection to protect your skin. The durable walls are coupled by a heavy gauge aluminum frame. There are 4 auto opening windows, 2 solar fans and a mag lock sliding door to top up the features.

The Climapod greenhouse also includes full length shelves on two walls to better accommodate shorter plants, and promises an easy and clear assembly from the included instructions.


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Rion Grand Gardener 2 Twin Wall Greenhouse

This 8’x12’ Rion greenhouse takes insulation seriously. Its 4mm twin-wall roof panels are supported by 6mm twin-wall side panels, offering both diffused light for your plants and 100% UV protection for your skin. Its frame is made of heavy-duty resin which both improves the insulating effect of the thick twin walls, and provides extra durability over aluminum frames. The Rion Grand Gardner’s barn shape gives extra headroom and a larger vertical gardening space, complimenting the 7.5′ maximum height nicely.

While no shelves come with the greenhouse, the double doors and roof vent allow for plenty of air flow for everything within, and the assembly process is greatly simplified with a pin and lock system for its frame. When fully anchored, the greenhouse is built to withstand up to 55 mph winds, and that’s complemented by two things: its weight and its panels. At 297 pounds, this greenhouse isn’t going to blow away any time soon – and those 6mm walls are “virtually unbreakable”, with high impact resistance.

This greenhouse is, without a doubt, our top recommendation for anyone considering investing in a greenhouse. It stood out with its resin frame, 6mm twin walls, and solid weight, all of which add up to a secure and solid purchase. The barn-style ceiling was a huge selling point, as well – that extra head space can make all the difference for a taller gardener.


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