The Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift Reviews – 2022

You made it! Ten years together. In today’s day and age, a ten-year committed relationship is quite impressive. It means that two people agreed to be mutually loving, respectful, and committed to one another. What’s not to celebrate about that? Before we get to the best 10 year anniversary gift, lets take a look at where the traditions came from.

Symbols of Love

As you may know, each wedding anniversary milestone is symbolically represented by an object, metal, or anything that illustrates the time and efforts spent in the relationship. This gifting tradition goes back to Middle Age Germany, where husbands and wives would exchange silver gifts in the 25th wedding anniversary, and gold gifts in the 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Following up with the wedding milestone gift giving tradition, in the 20th century, a 1922 book titled “Blue Book of Social Usage” published a list that became quite popular. In this list, milestone gifts would start in the first year anniversary, then the 5th, then the 10th and, continuously, every five years.

The Official Milestone List

The “official” list of milestone wedding gifts kept its popularity throughout the years, with an even more “formal” version of the list published by the American National Retail Jeweler Association in 1937. This list is now modernized, with swaps and substitutions allowed to meet needs of a more dynamic, diverse society.

For example, in the modern list, iron gifts can be swapped with candy in the 6th year anniversary, and wool can be swapped with copper in the 7th. Even with those changes considered, most of the items in the original list remain the same, making this tradition one of the most interesting (and romantic) in the world.

It’s year 10!

Let’s re-focus on celebrating 10 years together. The tenth anniversary is the first of many iconic milestones in a marriage. It is the first official double digit celebration, which entails that the relationship is strong and long-lasting.

However, even the greatest of love stories can take a few hits and misses to make it this far. No relationship is easy, but the fact that you both remain there, and making it work, denotes a degree of strength, flexibility, and durability. It is no surprise that the symbol for the 10th year of marriage is one that embodies those very qualities.


The object that symbolizes the 10th year marriage anniversary is tin. Tin is a strong metal, but is also flexible. It is solid, but can still be pliable. It can take scratches and dents, but it does not break. All of this is a perfect metaphor for a strong marriage.

The 10th anniversary gift of tin can also be swapped for aluminum. This gives couples more ideas to choose from when it comes to selecting a gift that is fun and unique.


Typical Tin Gifts

People may find it hard to find gifts made out of tin or aluminum that are fun and unique. Most 10-year wedding anniversary gifts are quite predictable:

  • cans
  • tin-plated “silver” trays
  • paper clips
  • staples

Since it is hard and expensive to find objects made out of pure tin, and aluminum is not a common art medium, here is the help that you need to make a big difference to the traditional tin anniversary gifting.

This guide will show you easy-to-shop-for options that will amaze your significant other. There has never been a more fun time to get all your marriage milestones in every anniversary. Celebrate away!


Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift Reviews

10th Anniversary Tin Ring (Inscribed)

Why not swap wedding rings for the duration of your 10th year together? This gorgeous ring comes in both men and ladies’ sizes to create matching set. It features a rustic finish, which shows that tin can be scratched and dented, but it does not break. It already comes with the inscription “Ten Years,” and the purity of the material is stamped on the ring.

Notable Features:

  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Creative and convenient

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The Everlasting Rose- Tin Edition

This tin rose is not a dipped flower, like you may have seen in a similar gift featuring a gold rose that is dipped in liquid gold. Instead, this flower is solid and cast in pure tin. This makes it very durable, solid, and high quality.

These pieces are handcrafted and comes all the way from Cornwall, which is the world’s “Capital of Tin Mining.” This is “the” tin gift to get because it displays the milestone symbol in full detail and beauty.

Notable Features:

  • The flower is solid, weighing in at over 5 ounces.
  • The tin is pure, so it is clean, shiny, and glossy.
  • Excellent keepsake for the first “double digit” anniversary.

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Oaktree Gifts 10 Years Anniversary Mug Set Mr. & Mrs. 10-Year Anniversary Mug

This gift is a stoneware set of 2 mugs that display the message “10 years being Mr. Right” and “10 years being Mrs. Right.” It is a sturdy, well-made set that is both long-lasting and durable. The set is perfect for any couple celebrating anniversary, but it is also a very usable gift. Couples can enjoy their favorite drinks in a cute and creative way.

Notable Features:

  • Mugs are mainly decorative, but can be used as drinkware
  • The mugs are small, with a combined weight of 1.3 pounds for both mugs
  • The mugs are not like coffee or tea mugs; they are much smaller

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Solid Wood 10-Anniversary Sign (Personalized)

This is plaque made out of solid beech wood. It can be personalized with the names of the couple. It displays the breakdown of 10 years into months, days, hours, and minutes. The artwork combines color and the salient features of the wood in its natural state. Beech wood is a type of American wood that naturally displays cream, pink, and brown hues. This product is handcrafted in the United States.

Notable Features:

  • Plaque measurements are 8.5in x 11in
  • Made in the USA
  • Solid wood creation with natural colors
  • Can be personalized with the names of the couple
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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The Metal Foundry 10th Tin Wedding Anniversary Sundial

This beautiful piece is handmade with high quality cast aluminum. It perfectly represents the journey of marriage with a sundial that marks the time of day following historical tradition. The device consists on a flat base plate, or dial, and a gnomon which is the protruding part that actually casts a shadow onto the dial based on the position of the sun.

It is a fun gift made out of the metal that represents the 10th wedding anniversary. The sundial displays the messages “Happy Anniversary”, “Ten Wonderful Years Together,” and “Tin Wedding Anniversary.” Perfect gift for the clever and curious who love different things.

Notable Features:

  • The sundials are made by talented, English craftsmen
  • Diameter of the piece is 6 ¼ inches. With the gnomon, it stands 3 inches tall
  • Thick, solid cast aluminum

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Champagne Flutes by Matashi

Nothing is more romantic than a matching pair of long stem toasting glasses. Whether for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or other special celebrations, this set of 2 flutes is made from lead-free titanium sparkling glass.

The flutes are attractive, beautifully shaped, and hold up to 8 oz of liquid. Each flute is 10-inch tall, and the stem are filled with sparkly, glittery shine. Matashi Crystals proudly offer a money back guarantee because all Matashi products are designed to please.

Notable Features:

  • Elegant, etched base measuring more than 2 inches across makes the flutes even more appealing
  • Stem is filled with crystals for added pzazz
  • Brand name is etched on the base of each flute
  • Sturdy glass, made with lead-free titanium crystal
  • Packed in a sturdy box, perfect for gifting.

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“Heart in Heart” Personalized Canvas Artwork with Names and Dates by Ipic

This unit features a beautiful beach background with two hearts drawn on the sand. In them, customers can personalize the hearts to show their names linked together. There is also space on the sand to add a special date, whether an anniversary, day of first meeting, or any other special occasion to be celebrated. The images are printed on 100% cotton canvas. The picture comes ready for hanging and measures about 26 inches by 16 inches,with a depth of 1.5 inches. All pictures are waterproof, with a coat of acrylic, so they resist weather and elements wherever they are displayed. This also prevents the artwork colors from fading.

Notable Facts:

  • Made in the USA
  • High quality materials make the pictures vivid and bright
  • Prints can be personalized

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Tin Anniversary Wedding Date Sign Made of Licensed Plates, Personalized!

Handmade by a talented artist, this work of art made with license plates is made of tin, which is perfect for a 10th year anniversary celebration. Customers can select from 6 numbers, and two spaces or dashes. Customers can also select up to two specific state license plates, as well.

The license plate is then mounted on a piece of wood, painted to the customer’s selected color and then distressed. The artist includes a saw tooth hanging tool to make the work ready to hang. The final product is a personalized license plate that blends the states, names, or dates of the couple.

Notable Features:

  • Product is handmade by a local artist to high standards
  • License plates are authentic and may have dents/rust
  • Product takes 2 weeks to complete
  • Payment of original artwork is non-refundable

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Pure Tin Pendant and Earring Set

A perfect gift for jewelry lovers, this set includes earrings and a pendant.They are hand spun, then cast and beaten for a dynamic and rustic look. The dents attract the light, which allow the pieces to shine brightly.

The set comes ready for gifting in a beautiful box that includes a card which explains the meaning of tin for the 10th wedding anniversary. The purity of the tin is stamp on the product, as well as the date the set was manufactured.

Notable Features:

  • Items made of pure tin, stamped, and dated
  • Set includes earrings and pendant
  • Item measures 0.59 inches in length
  • Item cannot be resized

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10-cent Anniversary Cufflinks

What is more elegant than cuff links? What if said cuff links featured a 10-year-old coin from 2009 which is also a 10 cent real coin? This super creative gift is perfect for those who love to add an extra piece of pzazz to their suits.

As a 10-year anniversary gift, this great set is on-point. The set comes ready for gifting in a cuff links box. The links themselves are 4 millimeters wide. They come in a shiny, silver gift box, and each cuff link features either the front or the back of the 10-cent coin.

Notable Features:

  • Coins are authentic
  • Coins are minted but never circulated; they preserve their perfect features
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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What is your idea for the best 10-year anniversary gift?

The tenth year of a relationship entails that two committed people have reached a milestone, not without ups and downs. Like tin itself, the relationship will have scratches, dents, bangs, and bends. However, those scratches and bends will not break the relationship. Choose a creative gift made of tin to make the best out of your celebration. It is definitely worth it!