Top 10 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors for 2021

When selecting a screen protector for the Apple Watch, the biggest challenge is usually distinguishing one option from the other. The two most common types are those made with tempered glass and those made from a soft, flexible film. Within each of these categories, however, the unaided eye will generally not be able to separate quality screen protectors from their less effective counterparts. In the interest of narrowing down the field to a few standouts from both categories, here are ten of the best-selling and most highly rated screen protectors. All are available for 42mm and 38mm Apple Watch and grouped together by type.

First, a look at the top screen protectors of the flexible film variety. These are the most common kind, best for minimizing fingerprint smudges and reducing glare on the touch display. Though not difficult to apply, some care is usually required to position correctly and securely. The flexible screen protectors will need to be replaced periodically but are typically sold with several in a pack.


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The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Apple Watch Matte Screen Protectors are made with all the toughness the name would suggest.

The military grade, self-healing material provides extended protection against scratches, maintaing a smooth surface clear as glass. Fingerprints, oil, and dust are repelled, allowing the display to be viewed free from glare. The material will not bubble or reduce the responsiveness of the touch screen. Made in the USA, they are sold in packs of two and covered by ArmorSuit with a lifetime replacement warranty.

KlearKare’s Invisible Screen Shield Protectors for Apple Watch takes away the guesswork when placing over the screen by providing easy to follow instructions.

The kit contains an application card and solution for the precut film and a microfiber cloth, as well as six screen protectors which can be replaced easily. Bubble-free, self-healing material prevents scratches without adding extra bulk to the Apple Watch or interfering with the touch display. Replacement is covered with a lifetime warranty.

The Skinomi TechSkin Apple Watch Screen Protectors combine durability and flexibility, precision cut for complete coverage. They are made from a self-healing thermoplastic urethane that does not smudge and can absorb impacts without puncturing or scratching.

Smooth as glass and almost invisible, the material also resists UV light to prevent yellowing over time. Included are six screen protectors and an application solution for easy placement without bubbling. American made quality is backed up with a lifetime replacement warranty.

iCarez For Apple Watch Screen Protectors are composed from exceptionally clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film, providing optimal resolution for high definition retina displays.

The scratch proof coating is rated at a hardness level of 3H-4H but does not impede the sensitivity of the touch screen. The material resists dirt, dust, oil and smudges from fingers as well as bacteria. There are three in each pack; dry application is simple and leaves no bubbles or residue.

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Apple Watch Screen Protector Kit supplies all the tools necessary for a bubble-free and lasting application without any hassle. Included are clear instructions, solution, installation tray, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and six screen protectors.

Made from self-healing smart film rather than PET film, the material is strong yet flexible enough to fit perfectly to the contours of the watch’s display while maintaining responsiveness to touch. The view is transparent as glass and will resist yellowing. IQ Shield also provides a lifetime replacement warranty.

Tempered Glass Apple Watch Screen Protectors

Now for the next group of screen protectors, the ones made with tempered glass. Though not as widely used as the flexible kind, these are favored by many because of the incredible strength of the material. They can withstand heavy impacts from drops or collisions, making these ideal for highly active individuals. Another great feature of the tempered glass protectors is that they mimic the feel of the original screen and the fingers can move smoothly when touching the display. Installation is usually much easier; most will just snap right into place.


The ClearShield Screen Protector for Apple Watch stands out for being exceptionally thin and laser-cut with rounded, polished edges for a flush fit that does not add excessive bulk to the display.

The screen will repel oil and water while maintaining high-definition resolution and rapid frequency touch responsiveness. It is unbreakable and completely resistant to scratches, backed up by a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee.

iMacket’s Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are an excellent value with two protectors in each pack. Made with smooth edges to fit Apple Watch’s AMOLED display, these maintain the glassy feel of the original screen without hindering touch sensitivity. They can be applied and removed with ease and include a lifetime replacement warranty.

The TabPow HOCO Ghost Series is a screen protector with an impressive degree of hardness, exceeding most metals with a level up to 9H. The edges are rounded for full screen coverage and protection from scratches.

At only 0.1mm thick, they are almost entirely transparent and will resist dust and smudging. Placement is a snap; installs in a single push with no bubbling.

KINGCOO’s Apple Watch Screen Protectors are designed for optimal performance on both sides of the glass. The interior side is covered with a static-free silicone adhesive film that automatically bonds with screen and maximizes the sensitivity of the touch interface.

The outside is 98% transparent with a very low reflectivity to ensure comfortable viewing regardless of lighting conditions. The 0.2mm steel tempered glass is between 8H and 9H on the hardness scale, providing ample scratch resistance and protection against impacts. Each pack includes two screen protectors.

The SUPTECH Apple Watch Screen Protectoris one of the top newest releases and the first to offer full edge to edge protection. The outer coating of the tempered glass repels oil and water while the other side’s antistatic adsorption film bonds automatically to the touch screen. Removal is just as easy.

The flexible outer lining, composed from a lightweight alloy of aluminum and magnesium, cover and protect the metal areas framing the display. A variety of custom colors are available for seamless matching with Apple Watches of all styles.

This hopefully clarifies what distinguishes the different types and brands of screen protectors for Apple Watch. Though it may be just a small thing, finding the one that best meets the needs of the situation can still be a huge relief.