Top 10 Best Blog Name Generators in 2022

Everyone knows that the first thing they look at when they visit a site or a blog is its name. A good name is one that stays on your mind long after you closed the browser and logged off. However, it is difficult to find a good name that sticks with people. Most suggest you keep the name short so it is memorable for your audience. And of course, it is also heavily advised you stay away from making your name sound too close to other big name sites and blogs out there.

However, sometimes you need a little help beyond tips like those. The web is filled with blog and domain name generators that can help you find the right name for you. And the best part is that there are a variety of them to suit your style of generating a name for domain or blog. Here is a list of the top ten blog and domain name generators we have found on the web.

Name Mesh

If there is any way to describe results from Name Mesh it is this: it is simple and in the best way possible. If you have an idea of what words you would like to include in your domain, you can insert them into their generator. It is recommended to place 2-3 domain keywords into the generator to come up with a simple name.


After hitting the generate button, the site then separates it into different categories while giving you giving extra options to tack on to your generated domain. Name Mesh categorizes your generated name under the options of having your domain name be a common sounding one, a short name, a fun one, one that holds extra words or even a name that has a focus on SEO keywords. You also have the option of choosing other domain extensions to add on to your generated name as well as hiding domain names that have already been registered.



Another simple generator that offers a lot of options is Panabee. Much like Name Mesh, you insert your keywords into the generator and click the button. What is so unique about Panabee is that it merges your keywords together, drops vowels and letters and even suggests related words to add to your domain name.


Panabee hands you more options by including an impressive list of domain extensions to include for the names generated by their site; well-known extensions such as .co, .org, .uk as well as more obscure ones are among some of the choices. When you are happy with your decision, you can click on the name and redirect yourself to GoDaddy where you can purchase the blog or domain name.

Oh and it also does not hurt that the site is incredibly easy to navigate as well as being easy on the eyes.


Lean Domain Search

Although not as pretty as Panabee, Lean Domain Search holds its own as one of the better blog and domain name generators simply for being so quick and extensive. For example, I typed in ‘basketball fan’ into the generator and 4,977 results popped up in .66 seconds. Lean Domain Search takes your results then filters them into color coded categories; green meaning the domain is available, pink meaning the domain is registered already and yellow meaning you favorited the domain for later use.


Lean Domain Search also has a handy availability checker on the side just in case you get another idea for a domain name while filtering through the list of numerous names you were presented with. Another handy feature is that Lean Domain Search also scours Twitter to check if your chosen domain name is taken on the social media site. This option saves you time from checking not only if the domain is available but if it is also available on other social media platforms.

Most Popular Ways People Generate Domain Names on Lean Domain Search

The best way to create a name on Lean Domain Search is to combine two or more words together.  I usually go for a word that’s related to your business and then a generic sounding word that would compliment the buisness. Example: PlumbingDemon, BusinessBomb, MoneyMagpie etc etc..

It’s really simple to use. You simply enter the domain idea that you have in the domain search field. It then gernetrates hundreds to thousands of options for you to choose. It’ll tell you which domain names are available, and a popup will appear giving you “Registration Options”. These include the following domain registrars.

• GoDaddy
• Namecheap
BlueHost (highly recommend – You get the domain name for FREE when you purchase a web hosting package )
• Register and create a blog on


Picky Domains

If you are someone who looks for more of a human touch when looking for a blog or domain name, Picky Domains is definitely for you. Unlike other generators than rely on algorithms and computers, Picky Domain has a community of people all around the world generate names for your unique requirements. It is free to sign up and customize your request for your desired domain name. After shaping your request and submitting it, the community sends in their suggestions and you review and decide which one is best for you.


A strong feature of the site is how the community holds a ranking system distinguishing which users have a track record of providing great name contributions. You can choose to filter accordingly. If you were suggested a name you like, you pay $50 for it. It is as simple as that.



It does not get any more condensed than getting results from Domainr. Unlike the other sites listed above that offer you numerous possibilities and variations, Domainr shines by giving you possible shorter domain names. They also excel in recommending various domain extensions in inventive ways to fit with your blog or site name and make them more memorable.

For example, if I plug in the phrase ‘pizza shop’, I get about 20 results. Some of these are some of the unique results Domainr offers:


After choosing the name that suits you, you are directly connected to Name Cheap or where you can purchase the domain name immediately.


Domain Hole

What if you got no name in mind and just want to find something catchy or that sounds good? Domain Hole’s unique name generator allows you to choose the length of the name you would like for your blog or site and the kind of domain extension you would like at the end of it. The possibilities are endless. After choosing your preferences, Domain Hole scrounges up a list for you to view of both available and unavailable names. You can easily filter out the unavailable names if you like.

Domain Hole

If you are not satisfied with the random generator, you can also hit up Domain Hole’s expired domain search. It lists the names of recently expired domain names that are up for grabs. Name spinner is also another fun generator Domain Hole has where you can input a keyword of your choice and have the site combine it with other words to make unique and interesting combinations you might find appealing. And lastly there is the Brainstormer search tool, which is similar to Name Mesh’s setup. Insert your keyword(s) and Domain Hole’s Brainstormer derives a list of variations, popular domain names using your keywords, expired domains and even a list of similar keywords to possibly use alongside your name.



For the words that do not even exist yet but sound cool, check out Wordoid.
Wordoid’s inventive naming tool generates some interesting and catchy words for you to consider. You can choose between several options when deciding your preferences.


First decision is which language you would like to include in the naming; options include Spanish, German, French, Italian as well as English. Next, you can choose the quality level of the words the generator creates which defines how natural the words you want to look, sound and feel in the language you decided on. Then there is your desired length for the name which can range anywhere from 5 to 15 letters. It is advised that you keep the length low to make the words more natural sounding. And lastly, if you want to insert a certain word pattern to be utilized in the word, Wordoid will use it in the creation of the names it generates.

Given the different combinations of preferences to choose from such as languages and name length, the possibilities of finding suitable names for your blog or domain are endless.


Instant Domain Search

Much like how when you type into a search engine and it suggests searches as you type, Instant Domain search follows the same method. The simple name generator allows you to type into its search bar and come up with results in real time. The benefit of being able to see it real time is that you can see the different types of domains available that you may not have been suggested on other domain generating sites.

Instant Domain Search shows your results as either being taken, available, listed with a pricing, about to be auctioned or being sold at You would be surprised with what you can come up with in real time if you mess around on Instant Domain Search with your desired keywords.



NameStation understands that sometimes if you want to create a blog name, there are certain keywords that will mesh alongside it. When you generate a name with NameStation, they will slip in some words with relevant keywords to expand upon your suggestion.


Much like Picky Domains, NameStation also holds a community of users who can help you find the name you need. If you are not satisfied with their intelligent name generator, there is the option of holding a contest amongst the users to come up with the best sounding one. Keep in mind that there is a registration fee to join NameStation.



Now NameJet is a little different from the other domain and blog name generators on this list. Unlike how other sites have a generator take your keywords and mix and match until you find one that makes you happy, NameJet holds a library of already existing domain names and offers them to you through auction. The benefit of doing this is that since these domains have expired and are up for the taking, you can also gain the traffic the domain name used to garner from its previous owner. If you are someone who wants to bring in a crowd, definitely look into purchasing the more desirable domain names that hold your preferred keywords.


NameJet’s search tool is also pretty straightforward. Plug in you desired keyword(s) and your results pop up. Refine your results by choosing from the many domain extensions to include in your search, such as .buzz, .tv, .sale and even the more well known ones. NameJet then shows you which domain names are pending deletion or being transferred. Most auctions for a domain name start at a minimum of $69. They even show you how many bidders are attached to the domain you want.



Finding a domain name or a name for your blog can be just as difficult as finding the content for it. Regardless if you have no idea where to start with keywords, if you have a few words or names in mind or want to take your chance by holding a contest among brilliant minds to decide your name, there are sites out there that can suit your needs and help you find what you are looking for.

Give these name generators a shot and you might be surprised with what you are given. It is advised that you combine some of the results from these sites to work together and make a truly one of a kind name for your domain or blog. Who knows? You might even find this part of the process the most enjoyable.