Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500 – 2021 Edition

Bookshelf speakers are a great addition to any home. They deliver great sound that you can’t get from any other speaker while adding extra style to the room at the same time. You used to need to spend well over $500 to get a great set of bookshelf speakers, but that is simply no longer the case. Thanks to the advancements in audio technology over the last few years, you can get speakers with great sound without hurting the wallet. These are the 10 best bookshelf speakers under $500 that are available to purchase right now.


Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500 Reviewed

1. VAVA Voom Powerful Premium Bluetooth Speaker

These great bookshelf speakers can connect to any audio signal without wires thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. Despite coming in a rather small design, this speaker features two 5-watt drivers and a 10-watt subwoofer to deliver excellent sound anywhere in your house. Since you can charge your smartphone or MP3 player directly on the speaker, you never have to worry about losing the music at the wrong time. The strong battery featured in the VAVA Voo Powerful Premium Bluetooth Speaker lets you enjoy up to 10 straight hours of music without charging.



2. M-Audio AV32 10-Watt Professional Studio Monitor Speakers

While bookshelf speakers are usually used to listen to music, you can use these great M-Audio speakers for just about anything you want. The RCA inputs in the back of the speakers allows you to hook up a video game console, smartphone, DVD player and even some DJ equipment. The headphone connector allows you to get excellent sound without disturbing anyone else in the house. The three-inch woofer provides deep bass while the one-inch silk cone tweeters deliver crisp and clear sound.



3. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

These bookshelf speakers from Pioneer have a beautiful curved design that allows them to fit almost anywhere you desire. The speakers also feature a stylish black wood finish that will look amazing in any room in your house. The four-inch structured woofer, one-inch soft dome tweeter and 6-component elegant crossover allow this Pioneer bookshelf speaker to deliver some of the best sound money can buy. This great sound makes them perfect to use as part of your home theater system or as stereo speakers. Andrew Jones is one of the most famous speaker engineers in the world, and you quickly see why after using these Pioneer speakers.



4. Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

The four-inch woven carbon fiber woofer found in these Micca bookshelf speakers delivers an enhanced deep bass. The vocal are also crisp and clear because of the neutral and accurate sound signature. The ported enclosure helps deliver an even better bass sound without ever sounding distorted. Accurate imaging and treble are provided by the silk dome tweeter. The classic black design of these bookshelf speakers allow them to match the style and decor of any room in your house. Nobody will even be able to spot the speakers until they start delivering perfect sound throughout the room.



5. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

If you a superior sound experience for your music or home theater, then you can’t go wrong with the Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers. While you can comfortably places these speakers on the shelf, they also have a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting. Polk Audio is the only speaker manufacturer that has dynamic balance tweeters and drivers to deliver a wide range of sounds without ever distorting. The enclosures on each side of the speakers are magnetically shielded so there is never any sound distortion with other nearby video sources. Each speaker used in this product has been sonically matched together so they deliver a balanced and accurate response.



6. ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers by Andrew Jones

They may have a basic look, but these bookshelf speakers from ELAC deliver amazing sound at a reasonable price. You know you are getting a quality product if it features Andrew Jones’ name, and that remains true with these speakers. The woofer features a an aramid fiber cone, which helps provide the smoothest response possible. The eight-element crossover, dual flare vent and silk dome tweeter all work together to make this product a must-have for every audiophile. You are simply going to have a hard time finding a better sounding speaker for under $500. They may be the most expensive speakers on this list, but the perfect sound quality makes it well worth the price.



7. JBL Loft 40 Bookshelf Speakers

These JBL Loft speakers are perfect for a home theater system because of their magnetic shielding. They can be placed directly next to a television and you will never have to worry about any sound issues. The 100 mm PolyBase woofer and 25 mm soft dome tweeter allow this pair of bookshelf speaker to offer excellent sound at an affordable price. The straight line signal path design of the crossover allows these JBL bookshelf speakers to pair well with the other speakers in your house. The sound will play equally out of every speaker to get the best possible surround sound for your home theater system.



8. Dayton Audio B652 6.5″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

The small size and black vinyl cabinet finish on these Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers allow them to be comfortably placed in any home without having to worry about hurting the decor. While there are certainly better sounding and more powerful speakers on the market, you will be hard to find such great sounding speakers at a lower price. The keyhole hanger in the back of the speakers also makes them very easy to place on the wall. Due to the equipment used in these Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers, it is better to use them in a bedroom or office instead of a big home theater system.



9. Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers

If the recommended amplification of 20 to 100 watts fits your desired setup, then you will have a hard time finding something that delivers a better sound and value than the TSi100 bookshelf speakers from Polk Audio. The contemporary look and design of these speakers make them the perfect choice to pair with your new flat screen high definition television. In addition to providing excellent sound from a television, the 5.25-inch dynamic bi-laminate composite woofer and one-inch silk and polyester composite dynamic balance dome tweeters ensure your favorite songs will sound amazing too.



10. Pyle Home PCB3BK Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers

If you are looking to find the smallest and cheapest bookshelf speakers that still offer excellent sound quality, then you need to check out these mini cube speakers from Pyle Home. The small compact size of the speakers will be perfect for anyone with limited space that desires theater quality sound. Despite taking up only 4.8 inches of space on your shelf, these small speakers still deliver a deep and crisp sound thanks to the three-inch paper cone driver. The speakers can only handle an output of 100 watts, so you will need to look elsewhere if you want a more powerful sound. The video shield and 8 Ohms impedance make these Pyle Home speakers perfect for a home theater system.



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