Top 10 Best DSLR Steadicams for 2023

Get your hand nice and steady and take great photos with these DSLR Steadicams

Getting that crystal clear footage isn’t always as easy as it looks. Even if a person has a steady hand, shaking in any form will distort or blur even the best shots. DSLR cameras can be a bit tricky to work with, especially since they tend to be bulky and weight a great deal. However, by adding some additional gear, it can make the shot steady. The professional photographers use a camera man to help them stabilize their photos. This allows them to get the perfect footage and use minimal gear. They use the philosophy that by relocating the gravity center of the camera to a higher point above the hand, the photographer will be able to take amazing pictures. What happens is that the image is less distorted due to shaking, and the picture becomes stable. Another thing that helps is pivoting heads. These keep the camera from rotating angles while the photographer can still use the holding handle accordingly.

There are numerous options on the market today. The options range in size and range to improve stabilization. While the goal of these products is similar to that of a DSLR camera tripod, the function is quite different. Some are shoulder stabilizers that work with the DSLR cameras, and these are known to bring the best results. Here is a list of the 10 best DSLR camera steady cams available on the market today.


Best DSLR Steadicam Comparison Chart



1. IMORDEN Carbon S-40C CAPACITY RANGE: approx 0.5~2.3lbs.

Height can be adjusted (26/10.3''~38.5cm/15.7'') depending on the different cameras you use

Quick release plate(5x8cm/2''x3.15'') is included for easy and quick setup of your camera.

2. Afunta Pro HandheldKit Includes: 1 * Extendable Handheld Monopod, 1 * Tripod Mount, 1 * Orange Floaty Bobber with Screw * Bike Handlebar Bar Mount with 3-way Adjustable Pivot Arm.$

3. Handheld Stabilizer by EC S40Allows high and low angle shooting,
High precision bearings and low friction joints.

The Quick Release Plate can accept any camera with 1/4" and 3/8"

It can be extended from 15.2" to 24"

4. AW Handheld Steady Stabilizer For DSLRHandheld design for camera weighing up to 5.5Lbs

1/4" screw thread on quick release plate

Carbon fiber, lightweight

5. Carbon Fiber Stabilizer by Videook2-15kg Steadycam Stabilizer kit with double damping arms and one connection arm

Package Include: 1.Support vest 2.Dual-Arm 3.Carbon Fiber stabilizer Sled, 4.Ballance weight, 5.Carry Bag for stabilizer

6. Handheld Stabilizer By Neewer Carbon FiberFully collapsible and portable with case

Aluminium Alloy stabilizer can be adjusted as you like with professional 360 degree design

Max load: 8.8 pounds/4 kilograms

7. Neewer Aluminum Foldable StabilizerShoulder Mount

With a variety of interfaces to connect video light, LCD monitor screen, supporting frames and other equipment

8. Opteka Action Stabilizing HandleHigh-grade ABS impact-absorbent plastic

Shoe mount (removable) for video lights, flashes, or microphones

1 Year Opteka Warranty

9. SteadyVid SV-HD by OptekaFor DSLR and video cameras weighing up to 6lbs

1 Year Warranty

Aluminum construction with black powder coating

10. Glide Gear DNADNA 6001= DNA 5050 Stabilizer and DNA 6000 Vest and Arm

2 Arm Attachments(left and right side) Adjustable Height Chest Plate

Stabilizer holds cameras 2-7 lbs. DNA 6000 Vest and Arm can accommodate up to 12 lbs rig. (Stabilizer plus Camera total)


1. IMORDEN Carbon S-40C

The Carbon S-40C is a stabilizer that is lightweight and works with a large variety of cameras. It weighs only 3 pounds and is easy to add to any photo equipment bag. It’s made by Morden, and it is not a well-known brand name. They only make a handful of products, but they are able to produce quality items nonetheless. This particular model has a carbon fiber shaft. This ensures that there is a quick release system that allows the installation and removal to be done quickly. Simply push a button and the camera will release from the stand. The grip area is enhanced with a rubber cover. This helps to prevent sweating and also allows the user to have a better grip. The pivoting arms allows for great pictures, as it reduces the shaking in the photographer’s hands.



2. Afunta Pro Handheld

The interesting design of the Afunta Pro is exceptional for adjusting to just about any camera. These small handle and pivoting head allow it to connect with ease. There are weights at the bottom that need to be adjusted to help keep the camera steady. Since difference cameras have diverse weights, this adjustable unit will work with all of them. The grip is made with comfort in mind. It has a rubber cover that allows a firm hold on the unit. The pivoting head makes shooting the perfect angle possible. However, this unit is recommended for cameras that weigh less than 2 lbs. The structure of this unit with the weights is not able to support units that go over this weight limit.



3. Handheld Stabilizer by EC S40

This stabilizer has a professional grade and comes at a superior price. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but the fact that it is so stable and works with so many of the DSLR cameras is a plus. The body of the unit is carbon fibers, and it has a nice pivoting handle that is covered in foam. This enhances the grip ability. The adjustable weights allow the photo shoot to be stable no matter what type of camera is being used. It has high-precision bearings, and the joints of the unit are all low friction.



4. AW Handheld Steady Stabilizer For DSLR

Many people look to AW for their photography equipment. They offer great deals for the money. This 2-in-1 product doubles as a tripod. The nice pivoting handle is covered in soft foam. This allows the user to protect their hands and gives low friction to the joints. The aluminum frame has sophisticated steel counter weights, which balance the unit nicely. This one comes with a case and supports cameras that weigh up to 4.4 pounds, which is a higher weight than what most stabilizers support.



5. Carbon Fiber Stabilizer by Videook

One of the more expensive models on the market is by Videook. This stabilizer is simple and is perfect for beginners who have a lot of trouble steadying their cameras. The light carbon frame has aluminum parts at the handle and also the base. Typical of most units, this one uses weights to counteract the weight from the camera. It works with a wide variety of DSLR cameras. It has a quick release system that allows it to be mounted and dismounted in a matter of minutes. This model is portable and easy to use, and though it’s not the most compact model around; it sure is one of the lightest.



6. Handheld Stabilizer By Neewer Carbon Fiber

They may not be the biggest and best brand on the market, but Neewer certainly gets positive reviews from their users. This stabilizer is an affordable model that is versatile and lightweight. The carbon fiber frame is rather long and typical to these units; it has weights at the bottom. The quick release system allows mounting and un-mounting to be done quickly. The joints are low friction and the rubber cover on the handle allows for easy grips without any issues.



7. Neewer Aluminum Foldable Stabilizer

The portability factor makes this model by Neewer worth the price. It can easily fit into a backpack or carrying case. As an additional bonus, the weights at the bottom will also fold up and allows for reduced storage space. The makeup of this unit is mostly metal, but there are a few plastic elements too. The soft foam that covers the handle improves the comfort level for the user. It is a fairly decent weight, and won’t hurt the arm when used for long periods of time.



8. Opteka Action Stabilizing Handle

Out of all the models listed, this one has a rather diverse design. When comparing it to the other models, this one seems to be simple. It has a horizontal handle and a stabilizing plate that pivots. It is lightweight, even though it does have a metal structure. This model also has the ability to be mounted on a tripod. It is easy to install accessories with the shoe mount. It can support up to a 10 pound DSLR camera, due to its unique design.



9. SteadyVid SV-HD by Opteka

The aluminum constructed Opteka Steady Vid is a camera holder that is full-sized. It will work with cameras up to 6 pounds in weight. It is one of the sturdiest models on the market. The black powder coating on the unit and exceptional quality bearings make the stabilization efforts amazing. The joints are very low friction, so moving it about it easy. The weights are adjustable based on the camera, and the handle pivots. The rubber materials on the handle allow the grip to be done with ease. The quick release system is optimal for quick sessions or switching between cameras.



10. Glide Gear DNA

Photo enthusiasts should know the name of Glide Gear. This stabilizer works for a great deal of DSLR’s on the market. It also works with video cameras, which is another plus. The sturdy construction and ample base allow various weights to be used. It has a pivoting arm and the handle is also covered in foam. There are additional weights to support the camera, and there is a top plate that is quick release. It will hold a camera up to 1.5 pounds.



Things To Keep In Mind

It is not uncommon to see a stabilizer to be the same but have a different name brand. That is because many third party companies will purchase them and then resell them under their brand. The ones that seem to be best are those made from carbon fiber. They are the most lucrative. The weights also are important, as a DSLR camera can be quite bulky to deal with. The stabilizer itself must be light as many times a photographer will do a shoot for more than 30 minutes and won’t take a break.

The list contains models from most categories. As with any other product, the more expensive models often have better quality and work with a larger range of DSLR cameras. In general, most stabilizers work with the most popular options in the DSLR cameras available.