Top 10 Best Electric Scooters for Kids 2022

When spring arrives, kids are ready to get outside and move! In addition to traditional bicycles and scooters, today’s young riders chose electric scooters to cruise around their yard and neighborhood. They are powered by sealed rechargeable batteries with an average life of 40 minutes. Afterwards, they are just plugged into their rechargers and they are ready to ride again in about 12 hours. They range from beginner scooters to more advanced ones. Electric scooters drive best when they are on smooth pavement in dry weather.

Riding electronic scooters can be a lot of fun for kids and for their parents. As with any vehicle, electronic scooters should only be operated with adult supervision. Proper safety equipment such as helmets and pads are also advised. These are some top-reviewed best electric scooters for kids, that are keeping your little ones on the go:


Best Electric Scooters for Kids Reviews

1. Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter, Black/Yellow

For nearly a decade, Pulse Performance has been a premier brand of scooters. The Sonic XL electric scooter is ideal for older kids, teenagers, or adults. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel and is an impressive 27 inches long. The weight limit is 150 lb. Its 24-volt SLA battery is rechargeable and gives the rider about 40 minutes of smooth riding. This scooter can go up to 13 MPH and has an Instant Throttle Response for more experienced riders.

The Pulse Performance is geared for maximum comfort, with contoured handlebars and stem. Customers appreciate its ergonomic twist-grip throttle and professional quality hand brake. It offers controlled rides on smooth surfaces because of its unique two-piece deck system, air-filled rubber tires, and an efficient chain drive system. The on/off switch has a LED indicator and the scooter comes with a power converter to recharge the battery. It comes in polished black with a shiny yellow stripe. Pulse Performance Products are proudly made in America.




2. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

One complaint that parents often have about kids’ electric scooters is the loud motor. The Razor E100 has a super-quiet chain-driven motor. Even though it is relatively quiet compared to other scooters, its motor is still high-torque and can reach speeds up to 10mph. Once assembled, this scooter measures 32.5 inch X 16 inch X 36 inches and has a weight capacity of 120 lb.

Kids can enjoy continuous riding time up to 40 minutes on this model thanks to its rechargeable, 24 V sealed battery. All they have to do is connect it to the UL approved battery charger (included) and allow the scooter to charge up to 12 hours (24 hours maximum). It rides smoothly on an 8 inch air-filled front tire. The rear brake is hand-operated and it features a spring-loaded kick stand. The Razor E100 is so impressive that it won a Parent’s Choice Award.




3. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

This electric Razor scooter was inspired by models used on side streets in Europe. The vintage-style body is run by a high-performance electric motor that is chain-driven. Riding this scooter makes people feel like they are touring the streets of Rome or Athens. It measures 12.5 X 22.5 X 50 inches and features two 12 inch pneumatic tires. Riders can take it up to 15mph comfortably. Its rechargeable battery allows the scooter to run 10 miles before it needs another charge.

This Razor has a comfortable padded seat, variable-speed acceleration, and a retractable kickstand. It is built for ages 12-adult and has a 150lb weight limit. It even has a handy storage compartment under the seat. Because this electric scooter can travel side streets, riders need to be familiar with safety precautions as well as scooter laws in the area.




4. Maxtra® Electric Scooters Motorized Scooter

The Maxtra ® scooter packs a great punch for its size. The deck and frame size are perfect for kids age 6-14; yet it can hold up to 160 lb and reach speeds of 12mph. The handlebars are adjustable for safety and perfect comfort. Its measurements are 37 X 14 X40 inches and it features a 5-inch PU tire. The throttle is twisted on the handle and it stops with a rear clipping brake. Recharging usually takes 6-8 hours. Kids can enjoy riding on this Maxtra® scooter for up to 60 minutes at a time before the battery needs hooked to the recharger (included). It is also CE/ROHS certified for safety assurance. This Maxtra® scooter is available in a vibrant, dark blue.




5. Razor Trikke E2 Electric Scooter

Often times, young riders feel a little safer on electric scooters that have three wheels instead of two. The Razor Trikke takes tricycles to a new dimension of fun. For easy lean-to-steer motion, this scooter has a double cambering platform and can cruise along at 9 mph on 6 inch wheels. It is started with a push/start system and has a throttle with twist-grip. The brake is operated on the opposite handle. Kids that are 8 years and older will have a blast for up to 40 minutes of battery time. The 24V battery system is rechargeable and includes a UL listed charger. The Razor Trikke has a weight limit of 120lb. It is available in a multi-patterned blue.




6. Pulse Safe Start Electric 3-Wheel Scooter

The best way for children to learn how to ride a scooter efficiently and safely is by starting at a young age. Pulse Safe has designed a whole series of electric 3-wheeler scooters based on favorite cartoon characters. This scooter is recommended for children 3-5 years old and 50 lb or less. With the stability of three wheels and a wide track, children can safely maneuver this electric scooter.

It has a wide deck, which improves balance and reduces the chances of the scooter tipping. The little riders can put both feet in front of the scooter on the slip-resistant deck while they cruise up to 1.5 mph. All they have to do is push the start button, which will gently start them moving. To slowly stop, they just release the power button. The Pulse Safe Scooter is color coordinated for a boy or girl cartoon character.




7. Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

The Pulse Performance GRT-11 is another ideal electric scooter for younger kids. With its unique push/go feature, it is easier for kids to go from riding a regular scooter to an electric one. Parents appreciate how this model helps them teach their children about electric scooter safety. The scooter will not move until the rider’s feet are in the right place. To stop, all they need to do is hit the brake in the back of the scooter. They can ride for up to 50 minutes before recharging the 12-volt battery. The GRT-11 is made for kids 9 and older, up to 120 lb max.




8. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S is a unique hybrid of bicycle and electric scooter. Instead of having to stand on a traditional electric scooter, this model has a comfortable seat like a bicycle. The seat can be easily removed and the rider can stand on the platform. It has a quiet, high-torque chain-driven motor that is controlled by a throttle on the handle. The generously-sized frame and deck provides comfort for riders of various sizes. It can reach speeds up to 15 mph with its 24V sealed battery system. The battery will last for up to 40 minutes before recharging. Then, it will be charged again within 12 hours. The E300S is also perfect for adults, since it has a 220lb weight capacity. It comes in Sweet Pea Pink or gray.




9. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

The Razor E100 has been nicknamed Blue Lightening for a good reason! Every time the rider twists the throttle on the handle, the scooter illuminates with blue LED lighting. It definitely makes a cool statement in the neighborhood. Its dimensions are 35 X 8.5 X 17 inches and it is intended for children 8 years and older. The Razor’s kick-start, chain-driven motor is powerful enough to go up to 10mph. It will provide up to 40 minutes of fun cruising until the battery needs recharged. Parents like the Razor E100 because the lighting is an extra safety feature. It will recharge within 12 hours and will be ready for more riding thrills.




10. Pulse Performance Products Reverb Electric Scooter

The Reverb Electric Scooter is another quality ride by Pulse Performance. It is ideal for any skill level that a young rider has. For comfortable speed and control, it features Push/Go technology. Just like a manual scooter, riders push off with their feet and the electric, chain-driven motor kicks into gear. The twist-throttle is one of the handle bars while the brake is on the other. It features contoured handle bars and stem for maximum comfort. It will go for up to 40 minutes for each 12 hour charge. The 24V battery is completely rechargeable (charger included). The Reverb Scooter can hold up to 120lb safely. Like all of their scooters, Pulse Performance is made in California.



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