Top 10 Best Gaming TVs – 2018 Edition

Gaming remains one of the most popular activities for all ages, and current technology keeps improving the experience for all gamers. From gaming chairs to gaming mouse pads, there are endless products out there to enhance the overall gaming experience. Gaming TVs are a welcome addition to the gamer’s arsenal of gaming gadgets. No matter whether you just play during your leisure time and need a TV that excels in all its uses or are a hardcore gamer, there are plenty of exciting TVs to choose that are ideal for gaming. From sets that have the rich color and fast processor speed to help you master the most complex role-playing games to TVs that have the most connections so you can switch between devices without any problems, a great set for all your needs is within easy reach.

1. Sony Bravia KDL48R51

This TV series is ideal for gamers who want something that will easily sync with their PlayStation and other Sony devices. The Bravia’s Live Color Creation technology provides some of the industry’s best picture and sound for an unrivaled experience. This TV’s video processor is fully digital, for one of the fastest gaming experiences you’ve ever imagined possible. One of the things that attracts many game enthusiasts to this TV model is the real-life colors that are perfect for today’s hottest video games with full-color graphics. The TV also features a USB port that is perfect for sharing pictures.

2. Samsung UN55JS7000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This TV from Samsung stands out largely due to its high picture quality, thanks to full HD technology. The Auto Motion Plus processor helps provide fasting gaming speeds, letting you keep up with even your most fast-paced games. It uses the best in Clear Panel technology, providing maximum satisfaction for all of your gaming and entertainment needs. One of the set’s best features by far is its four HDMI ports, which allow you to keep multiple gaming or other devices connected without any problems. True gamers who want an ultimate experience will appreciate having such options at their disposal.

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3. Sony KDL55W800C 55-Inch 1080p 3D Smart LED TV

This great gaming option from Sony offers two of the most important things that matter the most to gamers: superior HD pictures and one of the lowest input lags on the market. The color that you get with the HD picture is some of the finest available, and you will love the dimension that it adds to all of your favorite games. For this TV, the true star is its low input lag time, and 120Hz refresh rate which is critical during rapid-paced games with intensive graphics.

4. Toshiba 84L9300U 84-Inch 4k Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV

If you’ve been in the TV market and want one with great graphics and a relatively low price, this one will likely fit the bill, and might surprise you. The mammoth 84 inch Toshiba, is not only a 4K TV, but sports a 240Hz refresh rate, Smart TV features and 3D functionality. You won’t find a TV jam packed with as many features in this price range anywhere.  Another advantage of this TV is its low lag, making things much easier much you’re playing a game that has intensive graphics. Under the hood, the Toshiba 84L9300U is driven by the CEVO 4K Quad+ Dual Core Processor which is more than up to the job. You also get a wireless keyboard in the box for navigating the smart apps and communicating with friends and family. This Toshiba really is a major contender for the price.

5. LG Electronics 55EG9100 55-Inch 1080p Curved Smart OLED TV (2015 Model)

For many gamers, a thin, curved design makes a major difference in enjoying all your favorite games. One of the technical advantages that you’ll have when you invest in this type of TV is a set of rich colors when used in game mode, so you won’t be compromising in any way when you’re playing. In addition to offering a beautiful picture that makes everything nicer during play, you’ll find a total of four HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and one each of component, composite, and digital audio outputs.

6. Samsung UN40J5500 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

This TV offers a lot of superior gaming features, for a very reasonable price. There is little lag time, making a serious difference with gamers who require a fast pace. With three sizes to choose from, as well as an option that includes a soundbar, you’ll have entirely new gaming possibilities within easy reach. You can hook up several devices with three HDMI inputs and 2 USB. This TV also connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi, making it easier for you to download the latest game updates.

7. Sony KDL40W600B 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

You’re in for a treat if you want a versatile gaming TV that can easily fit into any setting. Choose from two sizes well-suited to gaming, with or without a stand. You can also choose to use the wall mounting, which often proves helpful in areas where space is somewhat limited. Support for multiple inputs and smart TV capabilities always keep you in control of your gaming situation.

8. Samsung UE65JS9500

When you need a large screen and the latest in technology to display your graphics, this TV is one that will belong on your priority list. There are three great sizes to choose from, all of which offer a superior experience for those who take their gaming seriously. You may also order the TV with a stand if you prefer. The graphics feature the latest technology that only improves upon HD, giving you an outstanding experience.

9. Vizio E24-C1

If you need a TV that is good for a compact space and still delivers everything that you’d expect from a bigger TV, this Vizio model is just what you need. There is a very effective refresh rate that will suit your needs on the most fast-paced games on the market. There is an HDMI port suitable for newer devices, as well as a USB port that will help keep you easily connected to your favourite device.

LG Electronics 49LH5700 49-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

You’ll enjoy the maximum flexibility that this LG model offers, especially the fact that its many inputs include an RF input, as well as component and composite inputs. Vintage gamers will enjoy this, and also appreciate the twin HDMI input options suitable for the latest gaming technology. There is an optional stand that you might wish to take advantage of, and you can also order a Fire Stick, for the USB port giving you an even broader range of entertainment options. Not that you’ll need them as the 49LH5700 is also a Smart TV. This LG model is not 4K, but  it is certainly feature rich and a great TV for the price.

If you’re a serious gamer, these options are very likely to meet your needs. By giving yourself time to learn about the different features, you will be able to choose the best option to enjoy all your favorite games. A lot of fun awaits you with a gaming-specific TV.