Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems for 2021

The best home theater systems can give you many hours of entertainment in a variety of forms. You can stream movies and TV shows from many different platforms and listen to your favorite music. Today’s systems provide the best quality audio and visuals, allowing you to get the most out of everything. The following are ten of the best value in home theater systems currently available.


Best Home Theater Systems Comparison Table


1. Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater PackageSupports Dolby Atmos up to 5.1.2 Channels (Speakers Included)

115 W per Channel

4K/60 Hz-Capable HDMI Terminals with 4:4:4 Color Space for UltraHD Entertainment (4 In/1 Out)
2. Sony 7.2 Channel 3D 4K A/V Surround Sound Multimedia Home Theater System7.2 Channel, 100 Watts Per Channel.

4K Ultra HD Upscaling And Pass Through

Built-in NFC WiFi and Bluetooth
3. Samsung HT-J4100 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt Blu-Ray Home Theater System5.1 Channel 1000-Watt

Input: 1 USB, 1 HDMI Out, 1 Digital Audio (Optical)

Dolby True HD
4. Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System5.1 WiSa Speakers

3 HDMI ports, Optical, 3.5 mm jack and supports both CEC and ARC

Wireless Speaker System with App for Apple or Android
5. Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater in a Box System with Bluetooth4K UHD Pass Through

5.1 Channel AV Receiver, with 100 w sub woofer and 5 speakers

HDCP 2.2 Support

Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma
6. Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater SystemKlipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos is a big step up in performance for home installation providing realistic movie theater sound

Klipsch have several honours including a 2004 CES Innovations Award

The ultimate hub for house-wide entertainment
7. Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini 5.1 Plus Home Theater Speaker System - Handmade in the US6 Orb Speakers and Sub Woofer - Made in the USA

Ultra High Output with crisp, powerful audio

Free Lifetime Support
8. Pioneer VSX-832 5.1 Channel Network AV Receiver UHD Pass-through HDCP 2.2 Home Theater BundleUHD pass-through with HDCP 2.2

Chromecast Built in

Also comes with AM loop antenna and FM wire antenna
9. Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater SystemMulti zone multi region multi voltage home theater

Does not include optical connection or wireless functionality

300-watt surround sound

Includes a center speaker, subwoofer, two surround speakers and two front speakers
10. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Blu-Ray 3D Home Entertainment SystemHD Upconversion

A good basic system for streaming and enjoying good quality sound and images



Best Home Theater Systems Reviewed

1. Onkyo HT-S5800 5.1.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater Package

This home theater system from Onkyo provides Dolby Atmos sound that can be heard from all directions, which is a big step beyond traditional speakers. This is an all-inclusive system that gives you the ability to enjoy all of your favorite entertainment, including the latest formats planned by Hollywood. For example, the system is ready for 4K UltraHD, which features clarity four times better than the current standard. Discrete amplifiers provide accurate and dynamic audio reproduction. Onkyo’s home theater system is convenient to operate, with only one HDMI cable to connect from your TV to the unit. Built-in Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect up to ten compatible devices.




2. Sony 7.2 Channel 3D 4K A/V Surround Sound Multimedia Home Theater System

Sony’s 7.2 Channel 3D 4K Home Theater System is a convenient accompaniment to any 3D or 4K television. It provides incredible audio and high definition video to 4K/60p input compatible TVs. Surround sound gives you an immersive experience to absorb the music and sound effects of your favorite movies. In this case, the surround utilises Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. You can set the speakers up to work across three different rooms if you wanted.

You also get access to the vast Sony Entertainment Network, which has over 100 streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube and many others. DLNA compatibility allows you to play content from any compatible Android device, such as a PC, smartphone or tablet, on your TV. This really is an indulgent, staggeringly awesome piece of kit for your home theater system.




3. Samsung HT-J4100 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt Blu-Ray Home Theater System

Samsung’s home theater system provides digital surround sound for many shows, movies and music.You get especially strong clarity and richness from Dolby Digital audio. You’ll get more from music with enhanced bass and you’ll enjoy crisp dialog from movies and television shows as you would in a theater. You can stream content from many different platforms as well as play your DVDs and Blu-Ray discs while enjoying HD quality. The package comes with two front speakers, one center speaker, two satellite speakers, one subwoofer, a Blu-ray player and remote. This advanced home theater system lets you enjoy studio quality sound from the comfort of your home.




4. Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System

This Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 theater system provides a plethora of connectivity options, and it’s also wireless. Features include 24 bit HD wireless sound, provided in 360 degrees through the WiSa speakers. THe Enclave home theater system supports both Dolby Digital and DTS, there are 3 HDMI ports, 3.5 mm Jack, bluetooth and Optical connections. As well as support for both CEC and ARC.  This system also comes with an Android or Apple compatible app for streaming music and content from your supported devices. The Enclave system is highly rated and it’s very impressive. The audio is staggering, particularly for movies. The quality is crisp and clear and it’s incredibly easy to set up the wireless system.




5. Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater in a Box System with Bluetooth

Yamaha, a well known brand with a name synonymous with all things audio, have set a high bar with the YHT-4930UBL. With an average Amazon customer rating of 4.3 out of 5, it is a fan favourite and there are plenty of reasons why.  It’s easy to fit the entire system in even a small room or office and, as it is wireless, you’re not going to be tripping over any unsightly cables.

You can access many types of content via Bluetooth and the compressed music enhancer adds real value to the music playback you get. The 100 watt sub-woofer is complemented with five compact speakers and the 5.1 channel AV receiver. THe YHT-4930UBL also supports 4K UHD pass through and it’s superb for gaming as well as films and music. A real winner from Yamaha.




6. Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater System

Some things have to be felt to be understood. Like sand between your feet, the feeling you get the first time you see a shooting star, or the first time you hear the note of a guitar. Some things just can’t be explained fully enough with words to do them justice. The Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater System is one of those things. If you’re looking for a high end home theater system that provides the authentic experience of being in a movie theater, this system by Klipsch is worth considering.

Klipsch is a brand more associated with commercial systems than home electronics, but this unit can be purchased for home use. This system includes more speakers than you can shake a stick at, so we will list them here:


  • 2 Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers
  • 1 Klipsch RP-450C Center Speaker
  • 2 Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofers
  • 4 Klipsch RP-250S Surround Speaker
  • 4 Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speakers (these require a bit of DIY for proper installation)
  • Yamaha RX-A3070 Receiver


You can arrange this system in a variety of ways, depending on your space and preferences. Speakers can be easily mounted to ceilings or walls but the in-ceiling speakers require a bit of tech savvy and DIY to install correctly. It may be a little effort but the reward is magnificent. Truly magnificent. The 11.2 surround experience from this Klipsch system is sure to take your breath away.




7. Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini 5.1 Plus Home Theater Speaker System – Handmade in the US

Home theater systems cover a wide spectrum of choices. At one end, you have professional quality systems such as Klipsch, that can cost you upwards of $10,000. Then you get entries such as The Orb Audio: Mod1 Mini, that looks like it might sound like a wasp in a coke can, but completely takes you by surprise. The 6 small orb speakers and box sub woofer deliver ultra high output that has to be heard to be believed. The sound is crisp and clear, especially the vocals. There is real depth and clarity that you would expect from a professional system with a much larger price tag. To top it off, every unit is hand made in the USA and comes with free lifetime support!




8. Pioneer VSX-832 5.1 Channel Network AV Receiver UHD Pass-through HDCP 2.2 Home Theater Bundle

The Pioneer VSX-832 5.1 HDCP 2.2 Home Theater System, is incredibly functional and versatile. For a start, the system comes with Chromecast built in, and supports Ultra HD Pass-through allowing you to connect up your devices with the highest resolutions available. You can stream music wirelessly to any room in the home via DTS Play-Fi and Fire Connect. With 4K UHD pass through, you are ensured the ultimate viewing and gaming experience. This is a quality home theater system and this is made obvious very early on when you hear the first sounds to emanate through the speakers. You can see the full product specs on amazon.




9. Sony DAVTZ140 DVD Home Theater System

This is one of Sony’s more economical home theater systems. It’s a 300-watt surround sound system that includes a center speaker, subwoofer, two surround speakers and two front speakers. DVDs played in this system will upgrade to near 1080p quality.With a single remote, you’ll be able to control multiple HDMI devices, such as Blu-ray players, camcorders, digital cameras and more. You can also hook the system up to your laptop to stream videos and other content on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other platforms.




10. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Blu-Ray 3D Home Entertainment System

This system by Samsung provides a good range of entertainment options, including HD quality images and high definition 3D sound. You can play Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs, with enhanced, upscaled DVD quality. Play your favorite streaming apps, such as Pandora, YouTube and Netflix. It comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a good basic system for streaming and enjoying good quality sound and images.




Why Buy The Best Home Theater System

If you are on the fence about purchasing a home theater system, then you probably haven’t considered the great things that home theater systems can bring. Before you buy a system, consider these three reasons why you should buy a home theater system


Open Up To A World Of Home Media

Home theater systems are loaded with tons of features for viewing or listening to media. You can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, mini-series’, and even services (like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime). If you have a favorite service, locking it into your home theater system means you can watch what you want, when you want from the comfort of your own home. A good home theater system will also play your CDs, DVDs, media files from USB and external hard drive devices and comes packed with connectivity options to bring all your devices into the fold.


Family Time

Another reason, and perhaps the best, for owning a home theater system is the ability to stay at home and enjoy movies and TV, but enhance the experience like your at the cinema. You can dress up fancy, or you can stay in your pajamas. Either way, you can get as cozy as you want and share the day with your family.

Instead of spending money to go out and watch a movie, invite your family over for the big game, pick a movie, binge-watch a TV show together. No matter what you choose to do, you can spend quality family time together in your living room.


Things to Consider

Before you purchase your home theater system, you need to consider a few things about the actual home theater you intend to buy. What sort of room will you put it in? Is it big enough? Do you have the right wall space for a screen? Do you have enough seating if you plan to entertain? These are all important questions to consider. Here’s what you need to know before making a final purchase decision.


Choose the Space

Where do you want to put your home theater system? That is the biggest question that people consider before purchasing one. While most put their system in the living room to enhance movie watching, sports watching, and more, some people choose other rooms to place their system. Make sure that you have enough space to set up the surround sound equipment, boxes, and more as you choose your ideal room.



Important Features

It is important to note a few important features that you should consider before purchasing a home theater system. These things might be different between one system and another, and they can also make or break your home theater experience. Here are three notable features to consider when looking to buy the best home theater systems.

Sound Quality – How do the best home theater systems you are interested in handle sound? What is the output RMS and Peak wattage, and frequency range? The whole point of investing in a quality home theater is to enhance your experience and that only works if every feature is optimal and that includes sound. Why install speakers at every angle if all you hear is white noise and feedback? Check both the quality and the capability of the included speakers before buying and customer reviews are a great way to do that.

Compatibility – Though this might not seem important at first in all the excitement of shopping, you don’t want to get your new system home and find out that it is not compatible with your previous equipment, technology, or more. Instead of purchasing without looking, take a peek into the fine print to see what systems and technologies the home theater system you are considering is compatible with. You will want something that will work with your equipment that you already own.

A good start is to look at the connectivity of the device, what ports does it have and what do you need. Are the speakers wireless or wired, what version of Bluetooth is installed (if applicable) which software version is installed and is it reliable?