The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Headphones for 2022

Motorcycle headphones are the extra accessory that can make your riding experience even more amazing. Listening to your favorite tunes as the wind hits your face is maybe just the thing you need to help you relax after a stressful day, week, month, or year. Years before this wouldn’t have been possible with the size of headphones available, most riders would settle for a set of motorcycle speakers and blare the tunes out loud to overcome engine noise rather than use the aux port for a set of cumbersome headphones. But now, the options for the best motorcycle headphones sizes seems endless, and they all have different features and styles.

Make sure you choose the best motorcycle headphones that suit your needs, and understand that there are many different factors that can affect your choice. From full-face to half-face helmets, most motorcycle headphones are made for only one type of helmet. Microphones are another feature to be on the look out for, some headphones include them while others do not. How they feel on your ear is also important, some headphones are fitted on the inside of the helmet while others are clamped onto it from outside.

With all the information on choosing motorcycle headphones out of the way, here are the top 10 best motorcycle headphones to choose from.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Headphones Comparison Table


1. Sena SMH10-11Four-way intercom keeps you connected to your riding companion

Bluetooth 3.0 technology lets you make hands-free calls

2. Outdoor Tech OT0052 ChipsWirelessly delivers Hi-Fi sound into your helmet using its 40mm drivers & built-in microphone

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for 10 hours of play time, and 280 hours of standby

3. IASUS XSound 3 High DefVaried length Kevlar-reinforced cables for tidy install and stands up to 10lbs of pulling tension

Includes both foam and comfort covers, spacing pads, and velcro to mount directly against your ears inside the helmet

4. FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth HeadsetSupports 3 riders pairing and 2 riders intercom

Bluetooth intercom feature also enables you to speak with your passenger with clear sound.

Bluetooth 3.0

5. Sena 20 S Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth 4.1 and universal intercom keeps you in touch up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles)

Audio Multitasking technology allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS

LEXIN 2x B4FM 4 Way BT Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Wireless HeadsetAccess Siri and S Voice commands on compatible devices.

FM Radio, GPS and Bluetooth

Water Resistant

7. Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo Bluetooth 4.1 and DMC Mesh Technology Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment SystemWireless, handsfree and water-resistant

Receive in-the-ear navigation instructions from Bluetooth enabled GPS

Connect Up To 15 Riders

8. LEXIN LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio with Advanced Noise CancellationWireless with a Bluetooth intercom range of up to 1.2 miles when used in a set of 4

Water-proof and Sun-proof Material Suits All Seasons

Great Noice Cancellation

9. Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and IntercomCall hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS

900m (0.5 miles) intercom range

Advanced Noise Control technology

Yideng New Generation Universal Water Resistant Bluetooth Helmet HeadsetBluetooth intercom

Supports:2.5mm Audio Socket, Hands free & FM radio, GPS Voice Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free


Best Motorcycle Headphones Reviews

1. Sena SMH10-11

For small snugly fit headphones with incredible sound, these are worth considering. As one of the best headphones available in the market, they, like all headphones can be connected to your music player, phone, and GPS through Bluetooth technology. They also function as a hands-free device via voice commands, letting you adjust volume and setting the GPS with your hands firmly on the handle bars. Included with these headphones is an intercom for communication with up to 4 riders riding with you. Its audio booster also makes listening to music an incredible experience.




2. Outdoor Tech OT0052 Chips

This is a simple Bluetooth model featuring thin motorcycle headphone speakers that are wafer-like. They are priced on the higher end with speakers on each side of the ear that are connected by a thin wire. No wire leads out of your helmet, which must have ear pouches to accommodate them. They are durable as well as water, heat, and sweat resistant. The speakers receive the signal wirelessly; and has a single big button that is easy to operate with your riding gloves still on.

Different button-press combinations enable you to control your device remotely as well. These headphones also let you listen to music, and can operate as a hand-free device for answering calls. Included in this model is a built-in microphone and a 3.5mm jack, which allows you to use it even when it isn’t charged.




3. IASUS XSound 3 High Def

If you are looking for perfectly engineered motorcycle headphones designed for a powerful audio delivery, then this should be your choice. With aluminum speakers and wires protected by Kevlar, everything in these headphones oozes class. They offer solid smooth sounds with broad speakers for the best audio experience. They also require ear pouches for use, which are included in their packaging and Velcro to attach to your helmet in case the helmet doesn’t have it.

The Xsound 3 unfortunately doesn’t have a volume control function. This means you have to adjust the volume from the source device, which may prove to be too distracting and frustrating at times.




4. FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

FreedConn TCOM-SC hands free motorcycle headphones have lots of features that make them ideal. If you have a passenger, their Bluetooth intercom lets you speak with the passenger clearly through their dual speakers when under 75mph. They even supports 3 devices enabled with Bluetooth simultaneously, enabling you to make calls while using GPS. They are easy to use for both open and full face helmets. When it rains, there no need to worry, these headphones are water resistant, allowing you to hear crisp music even in heavy rain.




5. Sena 20 S Bluetooth Headset

This Sena produced headset is remarkably built with the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 that has a range of 1.5 miles. They also have a built-in FM radio for you to listen to your favorite songs on the radio, if you want the atmosphere that is not offered by streaming. Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling and GPS use is also available. It has crystal clear HD quality sound and accentuates this with its wind noise cancellation system.

You can switch communication through multiple applications; GPS, music, intercom, and phone, and it’s done seamlessly. Their design is aerodynamic and has a jog dial making it easy for you to use. They’re water resistant and you can upgrade the firmware online.

This impressive Bluetooth device lets you pair devices quickly via its motion sensor by simply shaking the devices. For connection to people via intercom, they use Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing your friends to be connected to you instantly. It has a dual microphone, one is located inside the helmet for listening to the intercom, calls and music. The other is on the outside on the clamp, which lets you hear sound from the environment without removing your helmet.




6. LEXIN 2x B4FM 4 Way BT Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom, Wireless Headset

The Lexin 2x B4FM 4 Way works with different Mp3 players, phones and GPS devices. It also works with Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s S Voice if you have a compatible phone. The intercom range is around 1600 meters and can work with up to 4 riders. The Lexin Wireless Headset is both water resistant and rechargeable. A charge will give you up to 15 hours talk and 350 hours standby time.




7. Cardo scala rider PACKTALK Duo Bluetooth 4.1 and DMC Mesh Technology Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System

The Cardo scala rider Packtalk is cool headset that can connect up to 15 riders when using the dual pack. It can connect to both Bluetooth devices wirelessly and Non-Bluetooth devices via an AUX cable. They allow you to make phone calls, use GPS and listen to music with HD audio. They are fitted with AGC technology that allows speaker volume to self-adjust depending on how fast you are going and the surrounding noise.

You can adjust their settings from a free Android app. Updating the software is done on their online platform when upgrades become available. They have a standby time of up to 1 week and talk time of 13 hours.




8. LEXIN LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio with Advanced Noise Cancellation

The Lexin LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is a great all rounder. The Bluetooth 4.0 lets you use the headset with any compatible phone, GPS, or MP3 device. The Lexin LX-FT4 headset has an intercom talk range of 1.2 miles (2000 meters) when used in a set of 4. It doesn’t just pare with other Lexin devices either, it can connect with most other Bluetooth headsets on the market which is incredibly intuitive.

Another benefit of this Bluetooth headset is that it offers hands-free use with a mic to let you talk easily. You also get a choice of boom mic or button mic to use. These flat headphones are easily attached onto the helmet and have an in-line control to adjust volume. They feature a quick release lead and can be left attached to the helmet.




9. Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

This amazing headphone is loaded with many goodies. Their integrated voice prompt provides the ultimate in hands free control allowing you to focus on the road. It has an intercom that lets you speak to 4 people giving audible prompts when you connect or disconnect to them, as well as the ability to host multi user conference calls. Playback from devices connected can be controlled remotely on this headset. The exceptional noise cancelling technology and 8 hours of talk time make for a very comfortable and functional headphone set.




10. Yideng New Generation Universal Water Resistant Bluetooth Helmet Headset

The Yideng New Generation Universal Helmet Headset uses Bluetooth technology to deliver high quality sound, using noise reduction and cancellation technologies. The intercom features allows you to talk freely between 2 or 3 riders within an approximate 200-300 feet (600-1000) meter distance. They allow you to listen to music on the built in hands free FM radio, as well as make and answer phone calls on any Bluetooth capable mobile phone. The Yideng New Generation Universal Helmet Headset is water resistant, and suitable for use in rain or snow. The intercom feature is particularly handy for co-ordinating between riders, especially where a diversion or pit stop is required.



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