Top 10 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids – Summer 2021

As long as there are kids there will be a need for fun – outdoor fun! Getting your kiddos involved in discovering creative ways to entertain themselves outdoors is a fabulous tool for happier and healthier children. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. With that in mind, check out these great outdoor toy ideas that can be easily purchased from


Top 10 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids Reviewed

10. High back Full Bucket Swing Seat

Introducing infants and toddlers to the joys of playing outdoors lovingly begins with being outdoors. There’s almost nothing cuter than seeing a young child giggle and smile in an outdoor swing. The High back Full Bucket Swing Seat is a safe and secure way to show your little ones how much fun it is to play outside, laugh and learn. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight and supportive seat with metal chains and hooks makes installation fast, easy and comfortable for your precious little girl or boy. This toy is a great way to share unforgettably special playtime moments together.




9. Ultimate Glow Flying Disc

Frisbee tossing is Americana entertainment at its finest. But this Frisbee-like disc takes outdoor play to a whole new level. This cool battery operated disc is equipped with pulsating and flashing LED colored lights that turn night time boredom into an exciting play time alternative. Kids and adults alike love the Ultimate Glow Flying Disc Because you can take it everywhere. Backyard parties, afternoons in the park, night time neighborhood play and more. The best part is it can be used day or night for hours of wholesome fun.




8. Lynx Pool Noodle Connectors

This ingenious pool and land toy includes 12 pliable pool noodles that rev up kids’ imaginations. Kids use their own noodles with these colorful noodles by snapping, twisting and modeling noodles into all kinds of crazy creations. Build forts, tables, chairs, basketball goals and anything a creative mind can come up with. This toy is also a great socializing tool for kids to make new friends on beaches, public swimming pools and other outdoor venues.




7. Sporter Three Wheel Scooter Wiggle Action

This fold-able three-wheel scooter is a great outdoor toy choice for kids 5 and up. Typically, scooters are foot push-operated. This innovative scooter means there is no actual “scooting” with the foot. This self-paced toy is all about healthy exercise and silly fun being all the rage as kids safely wiggle and ride to their heart’s content. Easy breaking on adjustable handlebar and light-weight portability just adds icing to this innovative good-time toy.

For more on kids scooters, head over to our best scooters for kids guide.




6. Best Delta Kite

You know a product is great when it stands the tests of time. Flying kites has been and continues to be a long-winning favorite outdoor experience. The Best Delta Kite has everything kids need to build a tough, durable and amazingly sturdy 60-inch kite with 8.5 feet tail ribbons. Great materials, exciting colors and a super-duper Sea-‘n-Tree No-Loss guarantee make for many great days in the park to come.




5. SueSport 4-way Tunnel Pop-up Fun Junction Tube Set 8 Feet Toy Tent Kids Play Tube

Christmas tree forts were once the rage. Today the pop-up SueSport 4-way Tunnel tube tent is carrying the cool fort experience one step further. This very cool outdoor 4-way tent is designed for goofy play and plenty of kids who love to crawl around just being kids. Use it as a fort or even a covered nap-time toy for kids 3 and over. This is a great go-to for kid’s parties, too.




4. Purple 17′ x 15′ Oval Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Pad

If your child is one of the many kids who wants a trampoline, you’re not alone. Trampolines are like a magnets designed like a magic carpet and springy feet put together! Kids can bounce safely while increasing mental and physical endurance without even knowing it’s good for them. Its safety enclosure pad lets moms and dads breathe easy as it securely keeps kids from tumbling off by accident.

Nothing but fun here!




3. SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer for Players Ages 7+

Your kids will soon be taking you out to the ballgame once they get their hands on this hard-working Sklz Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer. Left or right handed players are accommodated, and this adjustable and dynamic baseball practicing package is great for perfecting balance, aim and swing. Kids can’t wait to get started playing baseball with this kid-friendly teaching toy.




2. Commercial Grade Tire Swing

Swinging on an old tire has been one of play time’s favorite outside past times. Toy toughness this neat just became even more cool with its fancy green color. Kids can get really rough and rowdy on this handsome, kid-proof toy as it hangs from the favorite family tree. Special design features offer no stinky residues and no water build-up. Happily swinging from a tire certainly doesn’t get any better than that!




1. 12′ x 24′ x 48″ Intex Ellipse Frame Pool Package

There is something so appealing about a backyard swimming pool. Ask any child if having a pool all their own would be their idea of fun and watch their eyes and mouths open wide with affirmative expression. The 12 x 24 x 48′ Intext Ellipse Frame Pool is a huge outdoor playground for kids and adults alike. Its no-tool, snap-on joints and rust proof steel frame means easy assembly with all the included amenities. Filter pump, liner, cover, ground cloth, skimmer and more make this the complete backyard outdoor winner all year ’round. There’s even a volleyball kit to tip the scale of total water fun.




There are so many amazing outdoor toys to discover. Whether your kids are young or old, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Price ranges vary from the very low to the impressively expensive. It’s all about personal taste and preference. Getting back to the simpler ways of playing outdoors not only provides plenty of wiggle room to move around. It also encourages kids’ imaginations, stretches their physical capabilities and gets them moving like kids should. Now is the time to invest in your child’s well-being with outdoor toys.

Why not grab one or two for the adults, too.

Let’s get everybody having fun together! 🙂