Top 10 Best Party Speakers 2021 – Get your Party Rocking!!!

If you’re in charge of the sound system for an evening’s entertainment, you want guests to be talking about it in a good way for days to come. If we’re talking about parties, the first consideration is sound. There are a number of good speakers on the market that are suitable for house parties, social gatherings and similar venues. But there are various factors that should be considered before selecting the best party speakers for an event.

Where there’s going to be music, there has to be speakers than can handle volume without loss of sound quality. That means quality woofers for bass and tweeters for treble. Another aspect important to many party-goers today is that their speakers be Bluetooth enabled and portable, so they can be moved easily from place to place – or party to party.


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We’ve put together our guide with reviews of the top ten best party speakers that fit the bill. Selected on the basis that they all got highest ratings from consumer reviews as well as being tested out by our team. As well as reviews, we have added a guide of things you should consider when choosing the right party speaker for you.


Best Party Speakers Comparison Guide

PhotoParty Speaker ModelBluetoothSize of SpeakersRechargableRatingsPrice
Brookestone Big Blue Unplugged Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth SpeakerYesA Subwoofer and Two Passive Radiators.

Size undisclosed but the output is 3W per channel and 10W for the subwoofer.
Yes - 7 hours4.2 out of 5$$

PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA SpeakerYes15" Woofer with 1.35" Titanium Diaphragm Compression

15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way
No4.3 out of 5$$$$

Ion Audio-Party-Rocker-Max-Rechargeable Wireless SpeakerYes2-way 8-inch speaker with 100-watt dynamic amplifier.Yes - up to 75 hours4.1 out of 5$$

QFX SBX-412300BTBL Speaker with Built-In Amplifier Bluetooth - RedYesTriple 12” Woofers and triple 1” TweetersNo4.6 out of 5$$$

Sony GTKXBTBC Power System Bluetooth SpeakerYes3 x 2-way 1.97" tweeters, 2 x 6.3" woofers with extra bass featureNo4.4 out of 5$$$

DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerYesAn incredible 12 Amplifiers and 14 Speakers

660 Watts continuous 1000 Watts peak power

Made In The USA
Yes - 25 hours4.8 out of 5$$$$$

UE BOOM 2 After Hours Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)YesTwo 1.75" active drivers and two 1.75" x 3" passive radiatorsYes - up to 15 hours4.3 out of 5$$

IQ Sound 35101DJBT Rechargeable Bluetooth SpeakerYes2" Tweeter and 10" High Efficiency WooferYes - up to 10 hours4.4 out of 5$$

Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Bluetooth SpeakerYes6.5 inch dual voice coil subwoofer, 5 active speaker driversYes - up to 9 hours4.8 out of 5$$$

Pyle Microphone Bluetooth Talk Over RecordingYes8'' Full Range WooferYes - up to 10 hours3.8 out of 5$$




Best Party Speakers Reviews

Brookestone Big Blue Unplugged Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

This is a distinctive-looking little speaker with its black exterior and a big blue button on the front for Bluetooth pairing. The Pair2 Technology allows you to pair a set of these speakers with each performing either the left or the right speaker for stereo sound. It’s very portable at about 8x3x3 inches and under 3 pounds, but brings an incredible punchy sound for its size. As far as performance, 2 Passive radiators and a subwoofer deliver 16 watts of sound. If paired with another speaker then you would multiply that accordingly.  It has a 33-foot range for Bluetooth devices, or you can touch to your NFC device for instant pairing.

It has a rechargeable battery with up to 7  hours of play time. This speaker system is water-resistant, perfect for a pool party or at the beach. Convenient button controls are placed on top of the unit. Comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for connecting non-WiFi sound sources. It’s a great little performer for garden parties or small get togethers, either as a single speaker or when paired with another.



PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

This makes all the sound you need at 2000 watts. The sound from these speakers is loud even at lower volumes, but remains clear when the music is cranked up to outdoor party levels. It is a solidly-built speaker that ships fast with fun features like a microphone and PA system, remote control, LED lights, built in FM radio, and a slot for SD-memory cards. The Bluetooth feature pairs automatically with most devices. Buyers report that the included microphone is relatively cheaply made, but if you buy this for playing music, not karaoke, it’s a speaker system that doesn’t disappoint.



Ion Audio Party Rocker Max Rechargeable Wireless Speaker

Part of a line of mobile speakers from Ion, the Party Rocker Max features a rechargeable battery that allows for 75 hours of playing time. This speaker is compatible with Bluetooth, and comes with a microphone port and microphone, allowing it to be used for karaoke. The port can accommodate two microphones. The Ion speaker front is grilled and features a six color light display. The speaker top comes with a clear non spinning “disco dome” than features a light display as well.

In addition to a battery, this speaker can be plugged into and operated from outlets, without affecting the battery’s charge. This is a two way 100 watt speaker, offering a fairly rich sound for its size. Although it does’t have wheels, it does have two carrying handles to aid in transportation and set up. The speaker weighs 25 pounds and is a popular speaker for home karaoke parties.



QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker with Built-In Amplifier Bluetooth – Red

This sound system is very affordable and especially for the spec that you get with this bluetooth party speaker. It is Bluetooth compatible, but comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary plug-in jack, and convenient remote control buttons. This Professional Bluetooth cabinet speaker comes with RGB LED lights, USB/SD playback and an FM tuner. You can even plug your phone or other devices into the charging ports to charge up.

Dimensions are 40.25 x 17.75 x 15.25 in, which is still easy to move around if you’re going from gig to gig, but not as portable as the more compact models on the market. Sound wise, this speaker kicks out some really crisp bass and top notes. The Triple 12” Woofers and triple 1” Tweeters give off an impressive 4,000W PMPO of raw clear crisp sound while the RGB LED speaker lights pulse to the basslines and beats.



Sony GTKXBTBC Power System Bluetooth Speaker

This Sony GTKXBTBC speaker system is for users who don’t need to be overly mobile. These speakers are heavy and require a power outlet in order to operate it. In addition to kick ass parties, the GTKXBTBC speakers can also be used with a car stereo system when using an inverter. A product called “XTRA Bass” enhances bass sound with these speakers.

Some users have complained about unwanted treble reverb, but for the vast majority this doesn’t seem to be an issue, certainly not something we noticed. These speakers offer a streaming feature with NFC and Bluetooth and can also be used with flash drives and MP3 players.

The Sony speaker package comes with a “light display” featuring LED lights, as well as a two way design that allows users more set up options. This model is self powered, with a built in amplifier and chain system that allows for multiple audio input and output plug in options. In terms of connectivity, the Sony GTKXBTBC includes a USB port as well, and works with the SongPal app, allowing users to customize songs. The remote is battery operated and batteries are included.

Users like the sound quality of this speaker system, and the flexibility of being able to use it either horizontally or vertically. The only real complaint concerns its weight (33 pounds), which means that this may be a speaker best suited to a permanent home.




DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This very portable speaker has the look of a classic boom box and vibrant sound provided by a staggering 12 amplifiers. The amplifiers on the DiamondBoxx XL2 speaker are analog, and have a rich and consistent sound quality. The amplifiers also have delimiters, which means that the speaker can be played at full volume without having sound distorted. This speaker’s woofers and tweeters produce bass levels about as low as conventional speakers can produce, and treble levels beyond human hearing.

This DiamondBoxx model comes with a battery that provides 20 to 25 hours of power, and fully charges in 3 hours. It is fairly heavy at around 41 pounds but provides concert like performance for a variety of settings. Like most other products reviewed here, this speaker can be paired with other ones. Like other DiamondBoxx models, this product has won many raves for everything from sound to overall quality to customer support.




UE BOOM 2 After Hours Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)

The UE Boom 2 After Hours Edition personal speaker is compatible with a number of other wireless devices, and is designed by its manufacturer, Ultimate Ears, to be an “adventure” speaker. The product is shockproof, and has been rated for immersion in water in a depth of one meter for up to thirty minutes.

In addition to Bluetooth, this device is compatible with Alexa and Echo Dot. Alexa can connect users to digital music that can be played over this speaker such as Amazon Music and Spotify. Ultimate Ears also offers a “Party Up” feature that allows users to connect up to 150 Boom 2 or Megaboom speakers remotely using smartphones.

This personal speaker has a sound range of up to 90 dBA, and weighs one pound. It is powered by a lithium battery which can hold a charge of about 15 hours. The battery offers a limited number of recharges, but then all batteries do by their very nature. It can also be powered by an electrical outlet. This product offers excellent sound quality for its size and is very durable. But users should be warned that its battery has in actual practice about 10 hours of life, and less so if playing fast or aggressive music.




IQ Sound 35101DJBT Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

This popular speaker from IQ allows users to have everything from guitar solos to light shows, and offers good sound along with external plug in options. This 24 pound speaker features a large woofer and tweeter in addition to a rechargeable battery. The speaker can also operate by being plugged into electrical outlets.

This speaker has USB and SD inputs, and is compatible with all Bluetooth ready devices. Non-Bluetooth ready external devices can be used with this speaker as well. Other features include a FM radio, one wireless microphone, plus a microphone input (that accommodates more than one microphone), and an input for a guitar.

This speaker gives you 600 watts and offers a built in multi colored light show. Further enhancing this speaker’s uses as a self contained party machine are built in carrying handles and wheels for easy maneuvering and transportation. This speaker’s sound quality is good, and its customer services department is very responsive.




Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker offers easy linkage, making this a popular backyard and party stereo choice. The Aiwa Exos 9 portable speaker booms out 200 watts of power and is compatible with various devices, including Bluetooth, Android, iPads and iPhones, and Kindle Fires. The Aiwa Exos 9 speaker can also be customized to access podcasts and audio books in addition to music.

Another nice feature is the five band graphic equalizer to customize music. The speaker’s EQ also offers four pre sets for music selections. It weighs 21 pounds, and can either be powered by a rechargeable battery or plugged into an outlet. Overall sound quality of this speaker is good, with especially nice bass.




Pyle Portable PA Speaker

This speaker is suitable for karaoke and use as a PA system. It can play both streaming and FM radio music and is compatible with devices accessible with Bluetooth and MP3 players. The speaker offers a light show and a microphone input, and can accommodate multiple microphones.

The Pyle speaker weighs 21 pounds and has carrying handles and wheels. It boasts 250 watts of power which is substantial for its price range. The speaker is distortion free and has good bass, and many consumers like this product’s portability and long lasting battery charge.




Best Cheap Party Speakers

There are quite a lot of party speakers that might not be the best you can buy, but where you are on a budget they are a superb alternative, suitable for taking the party with you on the move, or for house parties. Here are the best cheap party speakers from the models we’ve tested.


VAVA Voom Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a compact, sleek, contemporary style black WiFi shelf speaker with Bluetooth 4.0, as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for plugging in your old stereo or TV. Nice sound from two 5W drivers and a 10W subwoofer, while the battery delivers up to 10 hours of play time. Three equalizer modes (normal, party, and surround sound). Small and lightweight at about 3 pounds.

Equalizer could be a little more sophisticated, but all in all a nice little speaker with a strong battery which can even charge other devices and still play for hours. Rechargeable from both standard AC outlets or USB input, as well as USB output to other digital devices. Well made, with control buttons built into the top of the speaker for handy access.



Sony ZSBTG900 Portable NFC

The Sony ZSBTG900 is one of the most portable bluetooth party speakers in this list and it will connect to any device that has Bluetooth capabilities. With these features it makes this model so easy to use at parties or if you’re a DJ or host of the party. Connect the speaker up to your iphone and you can get the party started by playing your Spotify playlists!

The only downside to the Sony ZSBTG900 is that it does not have a built-in rechargeable batteries. But because the  8 D cell batteries are so damn good, you can get 20 hours of play time. Other than that, power is supplied via its AC Power charge which is included in the box.



Bearded Blue Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bearded Blue speaker boasts hi-def bass, and fits our requirements, being portable, rechargeable. Bluetooth connection gives you over 33-foot range, and pairs automatically with most standard smart devices like iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and more.

This speaker has USB and 3.5mm auxiliary jack connectors, 12-month warranty, and weighs less than a pound. The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of music. It gives you a surprising level of sound from such a small box (less than 3x3x7 inches), and best of all can fit easily in your pocket or bag to start the party at the beach, the parking lot – or anywhere. The retro aluminum-case design suggests quality, and it delivers from just two 3 watt speakers, but at an affordable price.



Tips For Selecting The Best Party Speakers


Consider Your Needs

You’re going to have different speaker needs as a professional mobile DJ as opposed to the master of ceremonies at the lodge’s Casino Night. This will affect everything from your power to your amplification needs in a speaker. Some speakers are designed to handle all occasions, others are not. So before breaking your bank on the best party speakers or causing a neighborhood brownout, do some research.


Consider Your Environment

Will you be using these speakers in a crowded nightclub? Will they sometimes be used for dances at a high school gym? At outdoor concerts? Or will these speakers only be used for house parties? All of these locations provide different logistics and acoustics, meaning that the best party speakers for one environment may not be the best party speakerss for a different environment or gathering.


Understand The Features Of A Speaker

A speaker’s amplifier delivers sound without distortion. A speaker’s woofers controls its bass (low frequency) levels. Tweeters control its treble (high frequency) levels. Horns in speakers help tweeters deliver sound. A subwoofer is essentially a woofer on steroids. It produces bass sound at almost subsonic levels. All of these features affect the sound and quality levels delivered by a speaker.



This describes the amount of amperage needed to power the speaker. The higher the wattage, the more powerful (and louder) the speaker. Most home speaker systems use 8 watts. Nightclubs and professional event venues use anywhere from 800 to 2,000 watts. But buyers should keep in mind that more watts may not always be what they want. Many older buildings are designed with acoustics in mind, and a high powered speaker system is often overpowering when used in such venues.


Power And Accessibility

Party speakers are supplied with power in one of two ways. The first is by plugging a cord into an A/V outlet. The second is by using a speaker with a self contained lithium battery. These batteries are lightweight, and give speaker users more setup options. But these batteries also don’t hold a charge for long and can add to the cost of a speaker system.

Many newer party speakers are now compatible with Bluetooth, Android, and iOS systems, meaning that music and light shows can be played using laptop computers and mobile devices. This allows users to change and skip tracks while avoiding damage to and loss of alternate music.


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