Top 10 Best Steam Irons for 2023

Ironing may not be your favorite task, but having the right tools for the job always makes the task more easy and enjoyable. Whether you are traveling, choosing a wedding gift, require special needs, or you would like the luxury of convenience for your own home needs, then you will be sure to find something that will suit you with one of the following top ten best steam iron choices:


Top 10 Best Steam Iron Reviews

1. Black + Decker F210 Steam Iron with Nonstick Soleplate, White/Blue

This lightweight, convenient iron from Black + Decker features a non-stick soleplate making it easy to smoothly glide across your fabrics without the frustration of sticking. With the SmartTemp system and the adjustable steam setting you will always be sure your temperatures and steam are perfect for your garments. A convenient 360 degree swivel cord is provided to make ironing possible in any tight space. With its lightweight design, this would make the perfect iron for a person suffering from arthritic pain or those with limited mobility.



2. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Auto Shut Off 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron, 1700-Watt, Beige

Everything you need to work smarter is in this Rowenta steam iron. With 1700 watts of power, an easy to read thermostat and 400 steam holes, flowing across the fabric couldn’t get any easier than this. Getting the wrinkles out of drapes or clothing left on hangers is simple with the vertical steam this best steam iron provides. The smart design of the pointed soleplate will glide around the buttons on a shirt with ease. The 360 degree pivoting, 7 foot cord makes ironing in any space a breeze and the safety of the auto shut off feature will give you peace of mind in knowing the iron was not left on.



3. Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt Large-Size Anti-Drip Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron With Variable Steam Control

With 1400 watts of power and the variable steam controls, this iron is complete with all the features you need to keep your garments crisp and fresh. For tough wrinkles, this best steam iron choice is equipped with a shot of steam control. You can use the vertical shot of steam control for your hanging garments or freshen your drapes without taking them down from the window. The smooth- gliding stainless steel soleplate makes it simple to glide over your garments. With a convenient eight foot retractable cord, storage will no longer be a problem and the auto- shut off feature adds safety and reassurance to your mind.



4. Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort Auto Shut Off 300-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron, 1600-Watt, Blue

This best steam iron option offers you clean, crisp, professional results. 1600 watts of power, a large water tank and a 3-way automatic shut off are just a few of the great features you will enjoy in this iron. With the variable steam settings and precision tip, you will have the ability to iron out those wrinkles in even the hardest to reach places. The vertical steam feature allows you to release the wrinkles without taking your garments off the hangers. With the self cleaning feature you will never worry about stains left behind from the mineral deposit build-up inside the iron. To make this iron complete, a convenient thumb rest was designed for comfort and handling.


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5. Black + Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron, White

This professional steam iron offers all the convenient features you need to make the job easy. The convenient window displayed digital LCD will allow you the visibility to know the temperature setting you are on and when the iron is ready. With the variable temperature settings and the stainless steel soleplate that allows easy steam escape, you will be sure to glide smoothly over your garments. Complete with an automatic cleaning feature and a comfort grip handle to make the job less stressful.



6. Black + Decker F67E Classic Iron with Aluminum Soleplate, Black/Silver

This classic iron provides all the convenient features to make ironing less of a chore. The variable steam options allow you to choose how much steam you will need to fight those wrinkles and the non-stick soleplate will add assurance that the iron will glide smoothly over your garments. The pivoting cord allows you the convenience to iron in any space and the automatic shutoff will give you added peace of mind.



7. Black + Decker D3030 Allure Iron, Blue

This best steam iron choice will keep your clothes looking fresh and new all day. Featuring five temperature settings that are visible in a clear digital display also indicating the amount of steam needed for each setting. The stainless steel soleplate will allow the iron to glide smoothly over the garments while the steam escapes easily from the plate. Iron the wrinkles out of your clothes while they are hanging by using the convenient vertical steam feature. You will have reassurance in knowing the iron is complete with an automatic cleaning system and the comfort grip handle will make ironing more enjoyable.



8. Sunbeam Hot-2 Trot 800 Watt Compact Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron, GCSBTR-100-000

The same features of a large iron packed into this travel iron makes those long business trips a breeze. Variable temperature controls along with the shot of steam feature will allow you to fight the wrinkles just like a larger iron can do. The smooth gliding soleplate and pointed tip will make it easy to glide over any fabric and access small areas around buttons and collars in a breeze. This iron fits conveniently in the palm of your hand while gripping the controls at the same time.



9. Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron with 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1725-Watt, Purple

This iron is complete with all the features to make your clothes look crisp and professional all day. The easy to read thermostat along with the 400 hole stainless steel soleplate allows for the steam to distribute evenly while the auto-steam feature adjusts the steam according to the temperature. The visible water tank means no more spills when filling with water and the self cleaning system takes the pressure off of you when the calcium builds up. This iron is designed to glide smoothly over your garments and will easily iron in those hard to reach places. Use the vertical steam feature for freshening up your drapes without taking them down.



10. Small Mini Iron- Dual Voltage Compact Design, Great for Travel- Non-Stick Ceramic Soleplate

This 420- watt travel iron will get the job done just the same as your large iron does at home. Featuring three temperature levels that will heat in fifteen seconds and a 1-touch steam control feature combined with the nonstick ceramic soleplate that will glide smoothly over your garments. The convenience of an extra- long power cord of 7.5 feet will offer you the ability to iron in even the smallest of spaces. The added anti-drip design protects your skin from burns and your garments from unwanted water stains.


Your friends will be envious when you walk through the room with your clothing always looking fresh, crisp and professionally laundered. When you choose to use one of these top ten steam irons, people will never believe you did it yourself in the convenience of your own home. You will soon make what was once a chore, become a welcoming hobby, and before you know it, you will be wanting to do laundry just so you can use your new iron.