Top 10 Best Drawing Tablets for Artists in 2023

With a plethora of drawing tablets available on the market today, it is becoming more and more difficult for artists everywhere to determine which tablet experience is the best for them. Drawing tablets for artists come in many shapes and sizes, with many different features and capabilities, making the decision tricky for those who aren’t sure of exactly what they need.


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Some may want a basic experience, a drawing tablet just to supplement an art hobby; others seek a tablet that can be used for professional work. The best drawing tablet for artists will enable you to draw, paint, write, upload, and share your digital art with ease. They are also great for children to help them learn how to draw or just to encourage them to get more creative. Below I have listed what I think are the best drawing tablets for artists on the market. There is truly a tablet for every budget. You don’t need to spend that much to get a great digital drawing or painting experience.

With today’s technology even the entry level drawing tablets are a great piece of kit and will improve your digital art skills greatly.



Things To Consider When Buying The Best Drawing Tablet For Artists


Size – If your work involves illustration where the fine detail matters, a bigger tablet certainly helps, but it’s not always better. A small tablet takes up less space and is usually less expensive. Unless you really need a bigger screen, then a 4″ by 5″ or 6″ by 8″ should be perfectly suitable.

Connectivity – Make sure you get a tablet that will connect easily to your computer and possibly even your camera. Most modern computers will connect with USB or HDMI, cameras with mini HD or USB. However, older computers and cameras may not have these ports.

Accessories – Is the stylus any good? is the size and weight comfortable? What software and drivers come with the tablet and is there any that is incompatible? Do you need an untethered pen? That’s only a few questions but you get the idea.

Price – In general, a drawing tablet for artists will vary in performance in line with the monetary value.  While there are brands now that are releasing more affordable tablets, not just for artists but for kids or students, professional tablets cost you significantly more. However, in return for a higher price you do get incredible performance from a professional tablet. They are an investment and my advice would be, where money is a factor, to go for the one that meets your needs rather than exceeds your needs. Remember, the best drawing tablet doesn’t have to cost you the earth.


Artists’ Tablets Comparison Guide

Here’s our quick view top ten best artists tablets comparison table to help you quickly see a summary of each model.

ImageNameSize of ScreenPriceRatingStorage
1. Wacom Intous Draw8.25 x 6.7 inches$4.2 out of 5No - plugs into device

2. Huion H610 Pro10 x 6.25 'inches$4.2 out of 5No - plugs into device

3. Wacom DTH1320AK013.3 inches$$$4.7 out of 5No - plugs into device

4. Yiynova MVP20U+FE434.88 x 238.68 mm$$$4.1 out of 5No - plugs into device

5. Apple iPad Pro - 4th Gen12.9 inches$$$$$4.8 out of 5128Gb - 1TB

6. Microsoft Surface Book 213.5 inches or 15 inches$$$$4.2 out of 5256Gb - 1Tb

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen10.1 inches$$4.5 out of 516Gb

8. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th Gen14 inches$$$4.4 out of 5256Gb SSD

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 612.3 inches$$$4.6 out of 5256Gb

10. 2020 HUION KAMVAS 22 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Screen Android Support Battery-Free Stylus21.5 inches$$$4.9 out of 5No - plugs into device



Here’s Our Run Down Of The Best Drawing Tablets for Artists 2021

Below, we discuss the best tablets on the market, and who they are suited for.

1. Wacom Intous Draw – Best Choice For Beginners


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One of the biggest names in drawing tablets, Wacom is always sure to provide an excellent user experience with any of its tablet products. The Wacom Intous Draw is the perfect option if you are looking for a quality artist’s tablet designed for beginners. It’s the best drawing tablet for artists in terms of price and value for money. This tablet is compatible with all major operating systems, and can be used with programs such as Adobe Photoshop with ease.

The Wacom Intous ships with a free drawing pack, which includes tutorials as well as the ArtRage drawing software. The drawing pen that comes shipped with the tablet is battery-free, which is a great feature for those looking for a low maintenance device.


What people say about the Wacom Intous Draw

“As a teacher, I am in love and will never, ever not have one of these. The price was amazing for my small budget.”  – Read Review

“The art program that comes with it is also pretty cool! It comes with Art Rage Lite, and it simulates traditional art mediums (paint, pencil, pastels, etc) very well! Definitely a good starting place for a hobbyist that saves you a lot of time and money put into the supplies, and yet you can still get the same look.” – Read Review



2. Huion H610 Pro V2

Another well-known name in drawing tablets, Huion really hit the mark with the H610 Pro V2. With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, this tablet is one of the best in its price range. The H610 includes a rechargeable pen, which is a nice feature for those who do not wish to keep replacement batteries around. This tablet also comes complete with 16 customizable hot cells, as well as 8 express keys, making it perfect for beginners and pros alike.

This device is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, making it versatile enough for most users, although some users have claimed that the drivers were more difficult to install than other tablets of its kind.





3. Wacom DTH1320AK0

This is the tablet that I have and I can’t recommend it enough! 

For artists with a large budget, very few tablets can top the Wacom DTH1320AK0. This is the natural successor to the older but equally outstanding Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Complete with a full interactive display on a large screen, this tablet combines the sensitivity of a drawing tablet with the display of a tablet computer, making it the ultimate drawing tool for artists of any level.

The interactive display works as a functioning second monitor, allowing the user to essentially draw directly into programs as if they were drawing on paper. For those looking to make a long term investment in a drawing tablet, the Wacom DTH1320AK0 should definitely be taken into consideration.




4. Yiynova MVP20U+FE

If the Wacom Cintiq 13HD sounds like the perfect tablet, but the price tag seems too high, then you’re in luck. The Yiynova MVP20U+FE is a Cintiq alternative, mimicking nearly every capability of the more expensive product. Complete with a larger screen, some even find this tablet to rival its pricier companion. The only concern we had with this model is that it still remains relatively unknown, which could lead to worries about reliability in the long run. However, the Yiynova artists tablet is hightly rated across a large number of reviews on Amazon, so many obviously feel the same, that this is a nice alternative at a nice price too.




5. Apple iPad Pro – 4th Gen

With the advancement of tablet technology, artists no longer have to decide between a drawing tablet and a laptop: they can have them both with the same device. One of the first computer tablets on the market was the Apple iPad, and since its release, the computer giant has improved on the concept ever year. The most recent release from Apple in the way of tablets is the iPad Pro, and iPad invented specifically for digital artists.

Complete the package with an interactive Apple Pencil iPad stylus, this device can easily double as a laptop as well as a drawing tablet. Hundreds of drawing apps are available for download on the App store, many of them free, making the Apple iPad Pro a great choice for any artist looking to have their drawing tablet double as a computer. There’s also a wealth of iPad accessories out there too.

This tablet comes with 256GB of internal storage, but you can choose a range of options from 128GB to 1TB. The retina display is exceptional and the A12Z Bionic chip is very powerful.




6. Microsoft Surface Book 2

One of the most recent releases from Microsoft, the Surface Book 2 is one of the most highly powered ultrabooks on the market. With mind-blowing processing speed and an Ultra HD screen, this tablet/laptop 2-in-1 is excellent for any artist looking to use their laptop as a drawing device. The Surface Book runs a full version of Windows 10, meaning that programs such as Adobe Photoshop can be installed and run without issue.




7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

Samsung’s answer to the iPad Pro, the Galaxy Tab A is an excellent choice for artists on the go. It comes with a large screen size and a lower price tag than its Apple rival, making it a better choice for those keeping to a budget. This tablet comes complete with a Wacom digitizer, making is especially good for drawing. Like other computer tablets of its kind, the Galaxy Tab has access to thousands of apps using the Google Play Store, and it can do all of the functions of any other computer tablets, including web browsing and watching videos.




8. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th Gen

For those seeking a laptop feel, but still require drawing tablet capabilities, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga X1 is the answer. This computer ships as a standard laptop, with a screen and a detachable keyboard. However, what makes this laptop special is its 360 degree hinge, making it possible for the computer to be used like a standalone tablet.

Like any other computer, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga  can run just about any drawing program, and its moderate size makes it great for those needing portability in a laptop. The 14″ FHD multi-touch touchscreen is great for multitasking. Under the hood, the Intel Core i5-8265U Processor is supported by 8 GB of RAM and a 256SSD. This is perfect for artists, the only time you would ever need more under the hood is for serious gaming. 

Relative to some of the other computer tablets and laptops on this list, this option is highly affordable, and is a great option for students needed a computer for both schoolwork and for drawing.




9. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Complete with the new Windows 10, the Surface Pro 6 is Microsoft’s latest release for its well-known line of computer tablets. Since the Surface Pro 2 was released, Microsoft has included an interactive pen with all of its Pro models. With the Surface 4, many improvements have been made to that pen to make it one of the best on the market. The Surface Pro functions much like a laptop, however it is designed with artists and students in mind. The price-tag reflects this device’s seemingly limitless capabilities, however those who have purchased the tablet claim it’s well-worth the cost.




10. 2020 HUION KAMVAS 22 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Screen Android Support Battery-Free Stylus

Similar to the interactive drawing tablets mentioned above, the Huion KAMVAS 22 functions as a second screen to your computer. It is Huion’s second entry on this list. It can be drawn on directly, and it comes stacked with extras. What lands this tablet on this best drawing tablet for artists list is simply how budget-friendly it is, when you consider it’s longevity and the quality of the product. The battery-free stylus is loaded with PenTec3.0 technology, making use of Capacitive Pressure Sensors to make every movement responsive, lag free and accurate. The nips are shorter and firmer with 8192 pressure levels.

Shipping with a 12-month warranty and all the features of the Wacom Cintiq, it costs less than its more popular rival. This makes it a good option for those looking for a more immersive drawing experience than a standard drawing tablet, but who are not looking to break the bank in doing so. It is also compatible with most drawing programs.