Top 10 Best Tower Fans with Remote Control – 2021

Sometimes the temperature in your home isn’t exactly what you’d like it to be, but you also want to avoid readjusting the thermostat ever few minutes. Tower fans are a great way to create additional temperature control without much hassle, and tower fans that take advantage of remote control technology are even easier to set up and utilize at a moment’s notice. Below is a list of the top ten best tower fans with remote control utility built in available on


Best Tower Fans with Remote Control Reviewed

1. Lasko 16-Inch Oscillating Stand Fan with Remote Control

Lasko has been synonymous with high quality, affordable electric fans for years, and their 16-Inch Stand Fan continues that tradition. This unit is exceptionally quiet and has three separate speed settings that won’t disrupt others in the immediate area. The fan is fully adjustable, allowing for several different height and angle settings. Energy efficiency is no problem with the Lasko Stand Fan since it includes a built-in timer that prevents overuse. No tools are necessary for assembly, and the remote control feature allows for up to 90 degree oscillation. When combined with the adjustable stand, the wide oscillation range provides unprecedented air distribution.


2. Optimus F-7522 42″ Tower Fan with Remote

This amazing fan is both stylish and functional. It has an LED display for relaying information about the unit, and an advanced microprocessor remotely controls each feature of the device, including the on/off switch. Three speeds provide separate power settings, and the electronic timer can be set for anywhere between one and twelve hours. The auto-off feature prevents unnecessary power usage, and the oscillating tower can be set to a natural rhythm or a sleeping rhythm. The Optimus has 70 degree oscillation, and it sports a storage cradle for the remote control. Its slim profile will easily fit in tight or narrow spaces, and the assembly takes no special skill of any kind.


3. Vornado 41″ Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

Vornado uses patented V-Flow Technology to deliver full circulation without any oscillation. The motor is both powerful and whisper-quiet, allowing for more air movement with less interruption. The Vornado has four speed settings that give the user the ultimate flexibility, and an internal timer can be set at one, two, four, or eight hour intervals. An LED displays shows speed setting and timer info, efficiently controlling power utility. Sturdy construction ensures the device will last for years, standing up to the wear and tear of daily life. A convenient magnetic attachment for the remote control holds it in place near the top of the unit.

4. Lifesource Infrared Heater Tower

If you need a tower fan that produces more than just moving air, you might consider the Lifesource Infrared Heater Tower. This device is ideal for evenly distributing heat for up to twelve hours, and it uses a maximum of 1500 watts to fully heat any room. The Lifesource comes with a remote control that can manipulate the temperature setting, the timer, and turn the unit on and off. The exterior of the unit is furniture grade wood that has been finished with a dark stain to better blend into nearly any room’s aesthetic.


5. Bionaire Remote Control Tower Fan

The Bionaire Tower Fan is a sleek, innovative design that provides advanced, state-of-the-art circulation through an entire room. The fan sits on a tilt to help promote faster circulation, and it oscillates for even more air movement. The Bionaire has several distinct settings, including a natural breeze setting and a sleep setting. The included remote control can be used to change any setting from afar, and the unit has an auto-off feature for added safety and efficiency. This fan stands at about 40 inches tall and comes in either black or silver.

6. SPT  Reclinable Tower Fan with Ionizer

This tower fan from SPT is perhaps one of the most versatile on the market. It can recline up to 12 degrees or stand completely upright, and it has 55 degree oscillation. Thanks to the combination of such amazing reach with the three speed settings and two separate fan modes, this tower fan is the clear winner when it comes to functionality. It includes a built-in ionizer to ensure the circulated air is as fresh as possible, and it automatically shuts off after seven hours of operation to prevent wasted energy. The convenient remote can fully control the unit, and it has a storage cubby on the back of the fan.


7. Lasko Ultra Air 48″ 3-Speed Performance Tower Fan

This tall fan puts many of its competitors to shame with its reach and performance. The Ultra Air is sleek, nonintrusive, and functional. It has three speeds that can scarcely be heard when active, an ionizer to clean and refresh the air in your home, and controls on both the unit itself and an included remote. All functions of the Ultra Air can be controlled by the remote, and its wide oscillation angle provides unparalleled circulation. Some assembly is required, but nothing more than a few turns of a screw.


8. Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Ceramic Heater and Tower Fan with Adjustable Thermostat and Remote Control

This amazing device from Ozeri is a powerhouse of functionality and versatility. Not only can this unit heat any space effectively, but it doubles as a simple fan when the ceramic heating element isn’t active. A single device can be responsible for handling both the warm nights of summer and the cold nights of winter. A built-in thermostat keeps the device active until the desired temperature has been reached, and the internal filters can be easily removed for cleaning.


9. Soleus Air 35″ Tower Fan with Remote Control

The Soleus takes advantage of a motor that reduces vibration throughout the unit for superb operation. It has three settings that include natural wind mode and sleep mode. The unit has an oscillation function that works internally, preventing the need for the entire unit to oscillate. This cuts down on moving components and helps reduce damage over time. An LED display is easy to read and quickly shows all relevant information about the Soleus.


10. Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan

The UltraSlimline Fan will quickly and quietly cool down any room without disturbing the occupants with any loud noise. It has four speed settings for the utmost control, and the included remote control has an LCD screen for constant feedback right in the palm of your hand. The fan stands over 40 inches tall, but its narrow profile allows it to easily slip into any space. Its simple black and stainless steel design is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.


Remote control tower fans are by far the most convenient and economically friendly way to adjust the temperature in your home. No matter what sort of set up you have in your home, or what kind of room you need to circulate, there will certainly be a product that fits your needs from the selection available.