Top 10 Best Wireless Speakers for TV – 2022

No home theater is complete without a good sound system. Even the biggest HDTV screens only come stocked with small stereo speakers. For a long time, getting cinematic sound around your room came with the price of having cables running up walls or along floors, and the messy tangle where all cables meet behind your TV that you had to overcome every time you needed to change something. It really was a bit of a chaotic mess, but now it’s a thing of the past. Now you can replicate the cinematic experience with the best wireless speakers for TVs optimally placed around your room for true surround sound, with out the messy cables. Now you can have the glory of the cinematic sound wirelessly.


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There’s no need for fussing with clamping cables along the ceiling and walls or accidentally creating tripping hazards on the floor. No need to navigate your way through the overwhelming cable junction behind your TV. Wireless speakers for TVs are commonplace now, they have entered the market in a big way, where almost all new home theatre systems, TV speakers and soundbars all have a wireless or Bluetooth (or both) option. But how do you decide which speakers to choose from with so many options out there?



Wireless Speakers For TV Buying Guide


Your wireless speakers can connect with Bluetooth or WiFi or both. WiFi speakers connect to your internet connection, and they usually run on AC power. Bluetooth speakers connect directly to your device, and they tend to be battery-powered and compact. Some wireless speakers have both capabilities.

Inputs and Outputs

You can connect to your devices through auxiliary audio inputs. Many wireless speakers can switch devices through a USB port. Wireless speakers with output capabilities let you add subwoofers to your speakers for a more powerful viewing experience.


Your wireless speaker power is very important to how well it will perform. You want enough power to fill the room the system is set up in, and you can also consider multi-room capabilities. Thinks like multiple speakers and surround sound capabilities are very important.


Why Use Wireless Speakers?

Wireless speakers allow for you to get room-filling sound. It projects the sound from your television or device toward the listener, and it enhances all of the little sounds people may normally miss. They can also help hearing-impaired viewers get an improved viewing experience. You can plug headphones into some devices to deliver very powerful sound. You can place them in convenient locations within your room and this can help hearing-impaired users get clear and crisp audio. Hopefully, this list can help narrow down the selection and guide you to the TV speakers that will best fit your situation.


10 Best Wireless Speakers For TV Comparison Table


SIMOLIO Digital Assisted Hearing AmplifierOperating distance up to 100 feet

RCA and optical input

Up to six hours of runtime

Klipsch RSB-11 Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless SubwooferDolby Audio Decoding

4 Composite Cone Woofers and 2 Soft Dome Tweeters

135-watt continuous and 200-watt peak power.

VersionTECH Computer SpeakerSimulated surround sound


Up to six hours of runtime

Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar with Bluetooth and Powered Wireless SubwooferWall Mountable

Virtual Surround Sound

Works with the Harman Kardon Remote app

Majority Bowfell Small Sound BarHD sound

RCA and optical connections

Bluetooth, AUX, and USB playback

Compact design

Bestisan Sound Bar28 inches long

Bluetooth connectivity

Adjustable settings

vmai TV Sound Bar with Subwoofer2.1 Channel Immersive Sound Experience

Bluetooth 5.0, The Superb Sound Quality

Four Different Sound Mode

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
3D Surround Sound Mode

10-Inch Wireless Subwoofer

Dolby Digital Decoder


SIMOLIO Digital Assisted Hearing Amplifier

Here’s an interesting device that serves a very valuable niche. It’s not a dedicated speaker like some others on the market. Rather, it’s a listening device that’s built to help those who are hard of hearing.

Connect it through a traditional RCA or optical input. You can use it to watch TV without having to pump up the volume and disturb others. It also has a wireless RF feature. The wireless receiver clears up the distortion, allowing you to enjoy your media without disruption.

Key Features:

  • Operating distance up to 100 feet
  • RCA and optical input
  • Up to six hours of runtime
  • Built-in headphone jack






Klipsch RSB-11 Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

This Bluetooth Soundbar comes with a powerful 135-watt continuous and 200-watt of peak power outlet. It is compatible with most Bluetooth wireless technology enabled devices. The two-way soundbar provides room-filling sound in a sleek and compact package. It has Dolby Digital decoder technology for a crisp, clear sound.

The eight-inch side-firing subwoofer comes with a solid cabinet with a slot port design to amplify and project a deep, powerful bass. This entire setup features a modern, sleek design and it is very compact. It weighs in at seven pounds, and it enhances your viewing experience.


  • 200-Watt Peak Power Output
  • 4K video pass-through via HDMI 2.0
  • Delivers Deep, Powerful Bass


  • Some find that you have to turn it off then back on again to get sound out of it once you turn the TV on.







VersionTECH Computer Speaker

This gadget looks like a soundbar. But in reality, it’s a sleek computer speaker. It has many of the same features as a larger soundbar. This includes its ability to simulate surround sound. Despite its slim design, it can achieve a wide stereo spread.

You don’t have to use this speaker with your computer only. It’s battery-powered and utilizes Bluetooth connectivity. Pair it with your smartphone or tablet to stream music anywhere. The speaker is easy to use and understand, making it an excellent universal choice.

Key Features:

  • Simulated surround sound
  • Battery-powered
  • Up to six hours of runtime
  • Remote controller
  • Onboard volume knob





Harman Kardon SB26 Soundbar with Bluetooth and Powered Wireless Subwoofer

This sound system is very user-friendly, and it connects to your television quickly and easily. The subwoofer has a wireless design while the soundbar connects via wired technology. It has two HDMI cables, one coaxial cable, and one optical cable.

You can use a remote to program the system and control the volume, and you can mount this system on the wall to save space. You get four subwoofers and two tweeters for powerful room-filling sound. You’ll get a classic theater experience in the comfort of your home.



  • 35-Inch 120 Watt Soundbar
  • Connect via Bluetooth or Wired


  • Powers Down Randomly
  • Remote is Finnicky





Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite 45-Inch Sound Bar System with Dual Wireless Subwoofers

You get four different size options with this system, and it delivers surreal surround sound with four two-way surround speakers. It also comes with dual 10-inch wireless subwoofers that deliver a huge amount of power.

You get a quad-core DSP processor and 1,000 watts of power delivered to 18 high-performance speaker drivers. This system gives up to 110 decibels of sonic richness that fills the room. Set individual channel volumes with the full-feature backlit remote and use Bluetooth aptX to deliver wired-quality sound wirelessly.


  • Two 10-Inch Subwoofers and Four Two-Way Surround Speakers
  • 18 High-Performance Speaker Drivers


  • Have to reset occasionally
  • A few people have noticed a High-Pitched Scratching Sound






Majority Bowfell Small Sound Bar

With its sleek and contemporary design, this soundbar will fit right into any entertaining space. It’s a minimalist unit that doesn’t draw too much attention. That is, however, until you turn it on!

The sound is quite impressive for such a small gadget. It features a booming bass, crisp mids, and clear transients. When you consider how many connection options you have, this is a multi-purpose device worthy of your consideration.

Key Features:

  • HD sound
  • RCA and optical connections
  • Bluetooth, AUX, and USB playback
  • Compact design






COWIN KY5000 Soundbar

Cowin’s soundbar gives you a deep bass and a clear surround sound. You get six powerful speakers and a unique Bass Extension to project the sound around your room. This 43-Inch 2.0 channel Bluetooth sound bar pairs with a flat screen television.

This setup has a beautiful and sleek design and allows for both wired and wireless connections. You get 4.1 Bluetooth wireless connectivity that works up to 49 feet, or you can connect with a 3.5-millimeter Optical, RCA AUX input cord. Choose from a remote control or dual button controls.


  • Six Powerful Speakers
  • Very Attractive and Modern Design


  • Speakers Buzz
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues







Bestisan Sound Bar

Listen to audio how you like with this soundbar from Bestisan. The cool thing about this gadget is that it’s super flexible. You’re free to make fine-tuned adjustments to the audio quality. Best of all, it has a memory function so that you can quickly return to your preferred settings without having to go through the hassle of making adjustments.

Of course, Bestisan includes some preset modes, too. These modes alter the sound quality to simulate different broadcast styles and immersive experiences.

Key Features:

  • 28 inches long
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable settings
  • Several audio presets
  • Setting memory function






vmai TV Sound Bar with Subwoofer

This 120W Sound bar delivers noticeably better sound than your TV alone. With advanced technologies, TV sound bar delivers the clear audio your TV can’t. Sound bar with subwoofer produces powerful bass and surround sound, let you enjoy a dynamic home audio experience; With 110dB sound level pressure

This soundbar is so versatile you can place it almost anywhere. And with Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favorite music anywhere. We’ve carefully engineered a custom sound bar material so we can provide you with true 3D stereo premium sound

Key Features:

  • 2.1 Channel Immersive Sound Experience
  • Bluetooth 5.0, The Superb Sound Quality
  • Four Different Sound Mode







Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

This system has exclusive horn-loaded technology that gives you crystal-clear sound. You get a 10-inch down firing subwoofer for powerful depth and base. It’s easy to set up through the simple plug and play capabilities, and it features a minimalist design.

You can use 3D surround sound mode, and it has several inputs including RCA analog, digital optical, and 3.5-millimeter analog. The soundbar comes with the highest wattage, high-quality aluminum diaphragm tweeters that boost its capabilities for a room-filling, powerful sound.



  • 10-Inch Wireless Subwoofer
  • 3D Surround Sound Mode



  • No Sound Balancing




The Best Budget Wireless Speakers For TV

Bestisan Sound Bar

Here’s another unit from Bestisan. This soundbar is sleek and easy to install. It takes only a few minutes to get up and running. Like other modern soundbars, this one features both wired and wireless connections. Use Bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone or the built-in RCA connection for TV sound.

The bar features two 25-watt speakers. They provide a booming sound that easily spreads throughout the room.

Key Features:

  • 50 watts of peak power
  • Three EQ modes
  • Touch controls
  • Remote controller






Sakobs Sound Bar

Here’s a space-saving soundbar that packs a big punch. At only 16 inches long, it’s quite small compared to other devices on the market. But make no mistake: It delivers in the sound department!

This speaker is capable of outputting up to 60 watts of power. At its loudest, it can reach 110 decibels! All of that occurs within this compact frame, which is an impressive feat. The smaller size makes it easy to position out of the way to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • 60 watts of power
  • Up to 110 dB SPL
  • Only 16 inches long
  • Bluetooth connectivity





Samsung SWA-9000S Rear Speaker Kit

If you already have a Samsung soundbar, this surround set is a worthy investment. It extends the audio capabilities of the bar. Rather than just enjoying the simple stereo sound, these rear speakers create immerse surround sound.

They connect wirelessly. Just plug the standalone receiver into a wall outlet and pair it to the soundbar. Once the connection is established, there should be a seamless transition to surround sound. The audio will bounce all around you, creating a true-to-life experience that simple stereo bars simply can’t provide.

Key Features:

  • Wireless
  • Compatible with Samsung bars
  • Plug-and-play design



BenqBot Portable Sound Bar

This soundbar may not look like much. But it has a surprisingly decent sound. The unit has an integrated subwoofer. While not the most powerful on the market, it certainly makes a difference. The addition of the woofer adds some much-needed warmth to the low-end, which takes the audio to a new level.

As always, this soundbar is flexible and easy to use. It features multiple connection options and some easy-to-understand onboard controls for simplicity.

Key Features:

  • Large volume knob
  • Bluetooth, AUX, and card reader
  • Integrated sub


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