Top 10 Cool Toys for Boys This Christmas 2019

If there is one thing boys love, it’s toys. It doesn’t matter the age, in fact many carry their love for toys well into adulthood, always chasing the newest and best gadgets. We love to play, we love shiny things and we love to be challenged. Boys love the ‘cool’ factor, by this I mean they love toys that make them feel cool. Toys from their favourite shows, toys they can build or interact with, toys they can show off or engage their friends with. With so many to choose from, it can be a challenge to get it right, to get that one cool toy that will survive the annual purge and give them endless hours of fun.

The top 10 cool toys for boys in our list include a wide range of items. As boys of different ages have varying interests, there are pretend toys, board games, building toys, outdoor toys, and more.

All of these popular toys can be purchased on, and there really is something here for every boy to love.


The Top 10 Cool Toys for Boys Reviews

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

This radio controlled truck is about a foot long and about 8 inches tall. It is available in various colors but the features are the same. The included remote is used to steer this vehicle. The coolest feature of this truck is that it is built to ride off-road, over rocks and even grassy surfaces. The two motors and low gears allow it to ride up and over inclines about as tall as itself. Sure, you could get them a remote control car, but a radio controlled truck…..way cooler.

While the truck uses 6 AA batteries, and the remote needs another 2AA batteries, this will provide boys with several hours of fun and excitement. Additionally, it can run on three different channels allowing for friends to drive multiple cars together without interference.



Ticket to Ride Board Games

This is an awesome board game that boys will find cool. Not only does it include trains, but the game requires strategy and planning, so it is an interesting game to play. Loosely based on the book, Around the World in 80 Days, this game encourages 2-5 players to travel to as many distant US cities as possible while also trying to achieve the longest continuous route.

Each game takes approximately 30-60 minutes to play and the game is never the same twice. The game includes over 200 train cars in 5 different colors plus cards, game board, instructions and board markers. Boys ages eight and up are most likely to enjoy and understand the strategy in this game.



Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building Kit

Boys love to build with Lego and they love Star Wars too so when the two are put together, it makes for a cool toy. This Star Wars Lego set contains 1329 pieces that need to be put together to form the ultimate Star Wars Millennium Falcon. It is best used by ages 9-14 since the building can be somewhat complicated for younger children. Building the spacecraft is only half of the fun.

Once the craft is complete, boys can play with the detachable cockpit and spring loaded shooter, and many additional accessories for added play value. It even includes six individual mini figures to enhance play. This set can be used by itself or with other Lego Star Wars sets.



OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

This solar powered robot is a kit that boys can put together. There are 14 different ways to put it together to form various different creatures such as a dog with a wagging tail or a beetle that runs. There are two different levels of building difficulty so that beginners can build, but experienced builders are still challenged. This robot allows children to explore the green technology of solar power in a fun and engaging manner.



Nerf-n-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

The Nerf-n-Strike Modulus Blaster is one of the high end Nerf dart shooting guns available. Boys will think they are all cool, but this one is especially cool with its motorized blasting power. This Nerf blaster is flexible with more than 30 different combinations of configurations. It has a targeting scope, drop rail barrel, and drop grip for accurate shooting. In fact, it can shoot at targets up to 90 feet away. The banana clip holds the Nerf guns 10 included darts so frequent reloading is not necessary. Boys can keep firing and having fun.



Playmobil Pirate Ship

The Playmobil Pirate Ship is sure to be a hit with the boys. This ship includes 4 figures and many pirate accessories. The ship includes a hidden space to hide the treasure as well as a working crane, and working cannons. As an added bonus, this high-quality ship actually floats on water for added fun in a swimming pool or bathtub. An underwater motor can be purchased separately if desired for added playtime fun. The detail on this pirate ship is sure to impress and add to all the fun.



JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Headless Mode RTF

This remote control hexicopter is a very cool toy for boys. Its design makes this hexicopter more stable and easy to fly. The copter can go up, down, forward, backwards, right or left, using the remote control that is included. In addition, this has a one touch button to help the copter fly back to home base. Based on reviews, it is durable and well built for hours of flying fun. The hexicopter itself comes with its battery but the remote will need two AA batteries that are not included. Boys will have hours of fun flying this craft indoors or out. It’s a great gift for learning flight, before handling a more complex drone.



Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

The younger set of boys will find this workshop a perfectly cool toy though they may pretend it’s all real. Over 50 tools and accessories that look like the real tools dad uses are included in this workshop set. The tools have realistic sounds and lights for added excitement. The tools really seem like they function too. For example, the miter saw spins and the drill press goes up and down. All the tools store in the workbench. Additionally, this set comes with all the parts needed to make your own toolbox. It really is one of those great gift ideas that kinda takes you by surprise. Who would have thought playing at DIY could be so much fun.



Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case with 10 Mini Figures

This Mini Figure case is one of the best gifts to store all of the mini figures in a boy’s collection. It even includes 10 mini figures to get a boy started. The case looks like something that can be built in the best seller Minecraft video game. It has compartments for all of the mini figures and each compartment has a clear door so that one can see what figure is inside. This can be used for storage or playtime. One can expand it by adding more mini figures to their collection. This is a great toy to have for organization as well as playtime with Minecraft mini figures.



The Original Stomp Rockets Ultra 4 Rocket Kit

Stomp Rockets have been around for awhile but they are still a very cool toy for boys. The toy includes a launch pad and 4 rockets. Your little guy simply has to put the rocket on the launch pad and stomp hard to make the rocket fly up to 200 feet into the air. It is then fun to run around to catch the rocket as it lands. The rockets are made of plastic with a foam nose cone for safe take off and landings and come in different colors.

This is a great outdoor toy that gets boys moving and running. It is fun for ages up to 6 year old boys. The adults even have fun playing with them sometimes.


Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit

From the maker of some of the best toys for young boys, take to the skies with this innovative Hot Wheels kit. This playset takes everything that makes Hot Wheels so loved by kids and cranks up the intensity. Instead of being limited to flat floors and downhill slopes, you’re little one can now launch the tiny cars up your walls.

The kit includes several pieces, including three exclusive components. The vertical pieces can be attached to the wall and connected to the launching system. Hot Wheels includes several wall strips. They’re easy to use and will provide a tight hold of the track supports without causing any damage to your wall. These new toys make a great gift, expanding an existing Hot Wheels kit, or as the beginning of a new one.

The Hot Wheels ID Race Portal is also thrown into the mix. The small battery-powered component uses NFC technology to gather information about the cars as they pass through. On the downloadable app, you’ll be able to see how fast the car was going and play some fun digital games. The app is available on most smartphone and tablet models, both Android and Apple.


  • Includes three unique track components
  • Almost 50 inches tall when assembled
  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels track sets
  • ID Portal connects to mobile application
  • Vertical pieces connect to the wall with damage-proof strips


  • Requires a lot of play space


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