Top 10 Gifts for Golfers – New 2021 Edition

The beautiful game of golf is played and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Chances are, somebody you know has caught the golfing bug and can’t get enough of it. Below are 10 great gift ideas that will help the golfer in your life enjoy their favorite game on and off the course even more than they already do.

1. Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder

This nifty little handheld device is a must have addition to any serious golfer’s bag. The Bushnell Tour V3 uses laser technology to determine the distance to a selected target. This makes it easier than ever to plan and line up the perfect shot. The device is able to detect ranges up to 1,000 yards away, and can even find the pin from 300 yards out with Pin Seeker technology. The V3 provides incredibly accurate ranging within one yard that will help any golfer avoid sand traps and water hazards. It’s also great for determining distance to the green or how far a shot must go to get past a tree. The Bushnell Tour V3 is legal for tournament play and comes with a carrying case, battery, and Tour v3 Skinz cover. Check out these other Golf Range Finders.

2. Golf Club Electric Drink Dispenser

What a nifty novelty this inventive drink dispenser is. It can hold up to 52 ounces of hot or cold beverages in an insulated cooler stored in a side compartment of a golf bag. This dispenser is so unique because the beverage comes out of a spout that is discreetly disguised as a driver. The “driver” fits right in any golf bag and looks just like a real golf club. With the simple press of a button, the electric pump turns any golf bag into a portable tap. The pump transports the liquid from the golf bag to the spout blending in with the rest of the clubs. The insulated pouch will keep any beverage hot or cold for up to five hours.

3. Tin Cup Ball Markers

Since the game of golf is played by so many, there are tons of stray golf balls littered across golf courses around the world. This can sometimes become problematic when someone hits a stray shot and needs to go searching. These ball markers are the perfect solution. The round tin case includes a cut-out of a number of different designs, including shamrocks, american flags, and cats, just to name a few. After placing a golf ball in the case, filling in the cut-out with a permanent marker will add a whole new level of unique individuality to the ball. Tin cup ball markers can help your favorite golfer add some more color to their game.

4. TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver

TaylorMade is one of the most respected brands in golf, and professionals across the globe back up that statement. Pros all over can be seen swinging TaylorMade clubs. This is because of the incredible amount of versatility and forgiveness they provide. Chances are, the golfer in your life isn’t a pro, but that doesn’t mean a pro quality driver won’t drastically improve their game. The M2 has been meticulously designed to provide a massive sweet spot, which means even swings that are less than spectacular will still yield spectacular results.

In addition, the ultra-light, ultra-thin Carbon Composite Crown provides for an exceptional amount of distance. One final great feature of the M2 is loft adjustment. A small key is used to fine tune the angle of the club, allowing for more freedom than ever to pull off incredible drives. This spectacular driver comes with a Fujikura Pro 50 shaft and Golf Pride Tour velvet grip. The TaylorMade M2 is a great addition to any bag.

5. Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat

A hitting mat is essential for a golfer as it allows them to practice even when they aren’t on the course. While a large space safe for hitting golf balls is ideal, pairing this excellent hitting mat with a hitting net is more than sufficient for providing hours and hours of practice. The true-turf surface is meticulously designed to resemble the feeling of hitting from a real fairway or tee box. Underneath the simulated grass surface is a durable rubber backing that provides unmatched club protection and shock absorption. This mat measures 8 inches by 16 inches, making it incredibly easy to move. To top it all off, it even features a tee holder designed to hold any sized tee large or small.

6. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

Playing a round of golf on a rainy day is less than ideal, but it doesn’t have to keep your favorite golfer from sharpening their putting skills. There are tons of different putting mats out there, but this one stands out for a number of reasons. The True Roll putting surface is designed to simulate what a real green feels like. The surface features alignment guides at three, five, and seven feet engineered to keep putts level and on plane.

The top of the mat features an automatic gravity ball return. This feature stands out because the return is set up to stop the ball at any of the three distances above. The nine foot mat has a rubber backing to prevent it from slipping. There are regular putting mats, and then there’s this one. The SKLZ Accelerator Pro keeps golf going no matter what mother nature intends.

7. Blast Motion Golf Replay/3D Motion Capture Trainer

The Blast Motion Trainer is a fine representation of the future of golf. It combines motion capture with video to provide all types of enhanced metrics that show in depth statistics on putts and drives. This is accomplished via the Blast Sensor, a circular device that fits securely to virtually any putter or driver. The sensor transmits data via wireless Bluetooth technology to the Blast Golf Relay app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

When someone shoots video of a golfer taking a swing, the screen shows an overlay of every stat and metric imaginable (a tripod can also be used.) This includes things like swing speed, loft, and tempo, just to name a few. In addition, the app allows for one click social media posting so golfers around the world can share and compare stats. Recording real time stats is an incredibly innovative, new way for golfers to learn about their mechanics and enhance their game.

8. EZ Drinker Toilet Golf

This gift idea is more of a gag than something designed to help someone with their golf game, but it is still incredibly invented all the same. The toilet golf game comes with a green putting mat that us cut to fit around any standard sized toilet bowl. The set also includes a mini putter, perfectly sized for someone sitting down. Also included are three plastic golf balls and a plastic hole with a flag. While this quirky novelty won’t help anyone turn pro, it remains a hilarious gift and a great conversation piece for any golfer’s home. Why not make going to the restroom a little more entertaining?

9. New Entertainment Desktop Golf

Golfers don’t just dream about sinking the perfect putt when they’re on the course. The most avid golf lovers dream about draining a birdie almost everywhere, including the workplace. This adorable desktop putting game is exactly what the daydreaming golf lover needs to fuel their love of the game. The hand-crafted wooden putting surface is just over a foot in length and fits on almost any desk.

It features a knob which changes the slope of the putting surface, allowing for a different challenge every time. The mini putter comes attached to a plastic block on a swivel, allowing for easy two finger putting. The set even comes with a little flag with a magnetic tip which pulls the metal ball from the hole. Any golfer moonlighting as an office worker will love this great little game on their desk.

10. Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack

Exploding golf balls are and always will be a mainstay in any prankster’s golf bag. These balls look and appear realistic, but when struck with a club they explode into a white dust cloud. The trick is to distract your partner, then swap their ball with an exploding ball.There is something incredibly amusing about watching a buddy line up to smack a tee shot, only to see his or her ball explode on impact. This timeless gag has been employed on unsuspecting golfers for years, and it never gets old. The only thing better than tricking someone into thinking they blew up a golf ball is the ability to do it three more times.

Golf is a game enjoyed by people from all different walks of life. Some take the game seriously, and some just love to get out and have some fun. No matter the case, someone in your life is most likely in love with this great game.

Giving one of these great gifts to the golfer you love is guaranteed to score you a hole in one.