Top Ten Best Speaker Stands for 2021

Speakers are the outlet of a sound system. Therefore, strategic placement of your speakers is crucial if you want to get clear sound. And what better way is there to ensure your speakers are placed correctly than to use speaker stands? Essentially, what these stands do is place a speaker on optimal listening height. Doing so, ensures that the bass is tightened, effectively making the sound quality clearer and better. It also eliminates all vibration and floor distortions. When used in any register, the difference can be quite remarkable. You must, however, choose a heavy and very solid speaker stand if you want to experience the maximum benefits. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the ten best speaker stands that you should consider buying today.


Top Ten Best Speaker Stands Reviewed

1. Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker stands

These cast iron made stands are solid and can hold speakers of up to two pounds of weight. Its black finish gives it an elegant look. It provides for adjustability of between twenty-seven and forty-eight inches making it very flexible to use. The adjustability coupled with its solidness is what makes it stand out. And a three-leg base makes it capable of holding a heavy speaker. Apart from these, the support poles and base conceal speaker cable are hidden from view giving quite the regal look and preventing tripping accidents from occurring. The ease of setting up is another added advantage. All these at just twenty five dollars are certainly a good deal. If you are looking to give your home stereo or surround system that extra edge, consider purchasing the Atlantic Satellite stand.



2. VideoSecu-2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Satellite Speaker Stand MS07B M99

For just thirty-nine dollars, you can get yourself this adjustable solid steel speaker stands. They are designed to support up to thirty pounds of weight of satellite surround loudspeakers of almost all types. The height can be brought up to forty-seven inches or decreased to twenty six inches depending on your preference. Its width can also be adjusted to an extra five inches, so you don’t need to worry if your speakers are slightly wider than the rest. Another great feature of these stands is the adjustability of its plate. This can be tilted by about one hundred and eighty degrees so that you have a better chance to manipulate the presentation. Also, its cables are hidden from view. Therefore, you can rest assured that it’s safe to have in your home or studio.



3. MI-1210

If you are looking for the best speaker stands for your home theater satellite speakers that will instantly blend with the décor of your home, MI-1210 would be your best bet. Their compact shape and design coupled with a low base height make it very suitable for a home. A cast iron base allows them to hold speakers of up to five pounds. The adjustable height allows you to customize the presentation according to your liking; you can put them at sitting height or standing height, depending on your preference. Also, the cables are concealed making them easy to install. If your speakers have special connectors or mounting holes at the front or sides, these stands may not be suitable for you as they can only be used when the mounting holes are at the back. You can get these for about twenty-seven dollars at Amazon.



4. SANUS Adjustable Height Stand

A heavy duty steel plate allows these stands to carry speakers of up to three point five pounds. The height can be adjusted to about ten inches. Cables are installed within so they can be easily set up in a few minutes. The presence of keyhole mount adapters means that these stands are suitable for installation of speakers from almost all manufacturers. For thirty-nine dollars you can get this solid speaker stands from Amazon.



Although a bit on the expensive end, these stands are the ultimate game changer for those who own SONOS play 1 and 3 speakers. They work well with these speakers as they get the recommended angle right all the time. Consequently, the bass response is smoother, and overall sound clarity is optimized. Apart from that they have wire channels designed to hide cables, therefore, enhancing ease of setting up. A black finish ultimately improves your overall presentation. The cost is between seventy and one hundred dollars. If you have SONO play 1 and 3 speakers, these stands are a must-have.


6. Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand

These height-adjustable speakers have a floor standing design that enables you to set your speakers appropriately in an optimum position and also away from the wall. This unique design also allows the stand to have a weight capacity of up to five pounds. Its tubes are hollow, so speaker cables can be kept out of view. With a quarter inch by twenty mounting screws or with a keyhole mount, you can easily set this up on your own. It goes for an affordable price of about twenty-four dollars.


7. Little Artisan Acrylic Speaker Guard

Designed to be used with the Amazon Echo Speaker, this stand is for those who want to carry their mini-speakers around. A solid base surrounding your speaker prevents the speaker from falling. Also, it is laminated ensuring that sound quality is not compromised by vibrations. Its blue color blends in with the light from your speaker ensuring that your setup looks elegant. This small stand goes for about twenty-nine dollars.


8. Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

Stylishly designed to hold your speakers, this product matches excellent functionality with elegance. Its black finish ensures that it can work well with most of your home décor. Its ability to conceal speaker wires makes it an excellent addition to your home’s living room. Constructed of heavy duty material, this product is destined to serve you for very long. This stand is of particular importance if you have Bose 301 speakers as it works well with this speaker brand. Going for about seventy-nine dollars for a set, this product promises to give you value for your money.



Standing at a maximum height of thirteen inches, these stands are appropriate for use with home theater speakers. They are constructed with heavy solid steel making them very stable and giving them a weight capacity of thirty pounds. It hides cables preventing people from tripping on the myriad of wires. Its spikes can be adjusted according to how you like it. Furthermore, it has hollow columns that can be loaded with sand to minimize distortions and to improve resonance. All these at a pocket-friendly price of thirty-seven dollars is a deal that you are destined to like.


10. Audioengine ADS1 (Pr)

Closing our list of top ten speaker stands is the Audioengine ADS1. This stand is designed to be used with desktop speakers. Don’t know where to place your desktop speakers? The Audioengine stand is the perfect solution for you. An angle of fifteen degrees enables the speakers to work optimally. Perfectly suited for small speakers, this product can help dampen acoustics that mess up with the sound produced. This is especially suitable for Audioengine-2 Speakers as they place them at the angle recommended by the manufacturers.